What type of grass is great to have for hot areas such as the fine state of Texas?  Bermuda!  Because this grass is suitable for our climate with its drought-tolerance and great look, we’d like to discuss a few of the qualities and quirks of Bermuda grass, including how to properly mow it.

Mowing Advice

How you end up mowing Bermuda grass is key.  More attention than many other types of grasses needs to be paid with this type of grass when you mow it.

If you do not mow Bermuda grass frequently enough, there will eventually be brown stems all over your lawn.  Luckily, you can fix this by, over time, slightly lowering your mowing height for your grass.

You can often begin mowing your Bermuda grass 3-4 weeks after your lawn has been seeded. Occasionally, when rampant growth has occurred, you may end up needing to mow it sooner.  If you have any questions about how to deal with this kind of grass including, but not limited to, mowing it and watering it then be sure to call Emerald Lawns, the best lawn care company in Austin.

The lower you mow Bermuda grass, the more dense it will grow.  To be more specific, you can mow your hybrid variety of Bermuda grass at .5 to 1.25 inches and you can mow your common variety of Bermuda grass at 1 to 2.5 inches.  How do you know if you have Hybrid or common Bermuda grass?

Hybrid VS Common

We used this handy Garden Web FAQ on Bermuda grass to inspire the mowing section of our blog today, but this guide also has handy advice in finding out if you have hybrid or common type of Bermuda grass.  Once you find out, you can use that information to line-up with the mowing advice above.

The hybrid types of Bermuda grass are “Midiron, Midfield, Midlawn, Tif varieties (Tifway-I, Tifway 419, Tifway-II, Tifgreen, Tifeagle), and Sunturf.”  Do any of those grasses fit the bill for your lawn?

The common types of Bermuda grass are “Arizona Common, Cheyenne, Jackpot, U-3, Sundevil, and Yuma…”

Are you able to identify your Bermuda grass as one of the common or hybrid types above?  If you are unsure what specific type of grass you have and need a pro to check it out, contact us at Emerald Lawns.  We’ll be able to advise you on what type of grass you have and what we can do to make sure it remains healthy.

Further Reading

You can also check out this other FAQ from Seedland.

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