Maximize Water Usage in Your Lawn2021-11-15T15:43:01-06:00

Prices starting at $72.50…​

Maximize Water Usage in Your Lawn

What if you could increase your water retention by over 50%?​

Guaranteed Results

Our soil dries out quickly, even after rainfall
& regular watering​ ​

Hydretain uses magic, well actually science, to increase watering efficiency!

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How It Works​

Hydretain reduces moisture evaporation and transforms humidity in the air into plant-usable water droplets.

When To Apply​

Apply between May – June, before the hot & dry season, and again in August-September, (our hottest & driest months).​

Maximize Water Usage

Effective & Efficient!

We use high-quality granular treatments for longer-lasting effects.

Before and After Hydretain

Results You Can See

By absorbing & retaining up to 50% more water, your lawn will look great.

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Will this compound save me money on my water bill?2021-06-01T13:23:03-06:00

With 30%-50% more of your water being absorbed into your lawn, plus gaining moisture from the air, we are hopeful that this will allow you to maintain healthy turf through the heat of summer between waterings.

How much of a difference does this treatment provide a lawn?2021-06-07T12:46:11-06:00

Your lawn can experience 30%-50% more water absorption (alleviating evaporation and run-off).

Should I also get your irrigation services as well as this treatment?2021-11-10T09:12:37-06:00

Coupling these services together can do wonders for your lawn and your water bill! According to the EPA, “Up to 50% of lawn watering is wasted.”

To ensure that your entire irrigation system is functioning with the highest efficiency and optimized for each plant type, look at our Irrigation Check. We’ll inspect each watering zone, make notes of what should be repaired, and set the system for you.

Have your first application scheduled 3 to 5 business days after our first discussion with you.

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