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Flower Bed Weed Control

Beautiful, healthy landscaping without the eyesores.​

Guaranteed Results
Guaranteed Results
Flower Bed Weed Control
Flower Bed Weed Control

Keep Your Landscape Beds Healthy & Weed-Free

Perfectly-timed applications will impact seasonal weeds at every front.​

Bed Weed Control Application

When to Apply

We’ll come visit six times throughout the year to control weeds.​

Two Ways to Win

  1. Granular, high-end pre-emergent nips germinating weed seeds in the soil.
  2. Commercial-grade spot-treatment for weeds above the surface.
Flower Bed Weed Control Solution

Results Guaranteed

When you purchase our program, we’ll guarantee our work, every time.

Avoid Back-Breaking Weed Removal

Flower Bed Weed Control Near Me

Our applications will kill weeds in 10-14 days, turning them an orangish-red color.

If you’d like them removed after treatment,
we can send our pros out for an additional Mulch Bed Clean-Out Service.​


What treatments will be used in my landscaping bed?2024-02-02T09:04:19-05:00

We will rotate through three different pre-emergent applications and three different spot-treatment options to ensure maximum efficacy at every time of year.

These six applications will protect from weeds year-round 

  1. Jan-Feb
  2. Mar-Apr
  3. May-Jun
  4. Jul-Aug
  5. Sep-Oct
  6. Nov-Dec
Will any plants be harmed?2023-07-31T17:01:44-05:00

Our Tree & Shrub team members are experts on Texas landscaping and know how to avoid plant injury. They can identify which plants we can/cannot apply various products to. We will treat around plants with active, seasonal blooms that would not withstand the applications and hand-pull visible weeds in those areas. 

What if there are weeds right next to a flowering plant?2023-07-31T16:57:29-05:00

We will pull broadleaf and grassy weeds next to flowering plants, rather than apply spot treatment, as a precaution.

What is the guarantee for bed weed control?2023-07-31T13:43:22-05:00

If you see weeds between scheduled treatments, Emerald Lawns will send someone to take care of it for free. To qualify, customers must buy all three applications. 

Do I need to water the bed weed control applications? Is drip irrigation all that is needed?2023-07-31T16:45:59-05:00

Drip irrigation alone will typically not saturate the entire landscaping space, so we advise extra, “over-the-top” watering to activate the treatment within 21 days of the application (if no rainfall is present).  

What does bed weed control cost?2024-02-02T09:54:51-05:00

For 600 sq ft or less, it costs $60. Only $10 more per each additional 100 square feet.

Do you treat vegetable gardens or raised beds with bed weed control?2023-07-31T16:47:58-05:00

We will apply our treatment in raised beds, but not in vegetable-producing gardens. 

Do I have to buy the full program to get weed control for my mulch bed / flower bed?2023-09-13T12:52:08-05:00

We will happily apply just one or two treatments for the year, but cannot provide free spot-treatments between scheduled visits. Texas weeds are hardy and require different types of application, depending on the plant and time of year, so we highly recommend the 3-application program. 

What kinds of weeds do you control in landscaping beds?2023-07-31T13:48:19-05:00

Grassy Weeds 

  • Crabgrass 
  • Nutsedge 
  • Dallisgrass 
  • Clover 
  • Poa Annua  
  • & More

Broadleaf Weeds 

  • Henbit 
  • Dandelion 
  • Thistle 
  • Spurs  
  • & More 

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