Because we work with those that are passionate about keeping some healthy and beautiful greenery on their property, we are always hearing about our customer’s fun and customized gardens.  We love hearing about them (especially because we operate in the state of Texas that provides perfect gardening weather!)

So what seems to be a recent craze in the gardening world?  Adding coffee grounds into soil for your gardening!

Are you confused? Don’t be!  There are several sources online that show just how popular this method of gardening has been.  Let’s check out why a few of the reasons why recycled and repurposed coffee is a smart move for your garden.

Chemical Harmony

Check out this report of using coffee grounds in gardening soil that has claimed to have proven the benefits to of this method.  From the article:

“…the grounds provide generous amounts of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and copper.  They also release nitrogen into the soil as they degrade. And they’re slightly acidic ― a boon in the Western climate.”

How To

Sounds like those are some major positives!  So how easy is it to put coffee grounds into your soil?  Too easy.  Here is a simple wikihow link that shows some uses but the bottom line is that you can add coffee grounds to your compost (just limit it to no more than 20% of the total compost.)

Or you can make coffee grounds into mulch – just be sure not to suffocate your plants with it. Only add about half an inch of the ground as mulch and then cover up that mulch with about 4 inches of a coarser organic mulch (source from Backyard Gardener found here.)

Slug And Snail Control?

That’s right – slugs and snails hate coffee.  These little guys are going to run (or sludge) for the hills when they see you have placed some coffee around your plants.   Simple and quick pest control.  Thanks, coffee!

Eco Friendly

An obvious benefit to going out of your way to create this customized mix is being more environmentally friendly!  We know that lots of people out there simply toss their coffee grounds into the trash!  By turning these grounds into natural earth we are no longer needlessly tossing out a valuable resource.

The Controversy

This article wouldn’t be fair to publish if we didn’t cover some of the minor controversy surrounding using coffee grounds in soil.  There are those online that, simply put, think the process of using coffee grounds in your soil mix is pointless and possibly counter-productive.  Of course it’s important to keep in mind that just about any piece of gardening advice will attract naysayers.

Just Go For It!

It’s up to you to give it a shot and, with your own research and with what we’ve covered today, decide whether or not you should take this exciting venture.

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