Armadillos Can Destroy Lawns

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Do you have mysterious holes or uprooted grass and plants on your landscape?

You might need armadillo repellent. We can help with that.

Save Your Lawn & the Environment.

Guaranteed Results

Why is our Armadillo Control so effective?

Our safe, eco-friendly solution repels armadillos in two ways.

  1. The repellent makes their food source and surrounding soil taste bad
  2. We target burrow holes to drive armadillos from their shelters 

This treatment gets distributed twice in a month and is guaranteed for 30 days.

Why Use Armadillo Repellent?

An armadillo’s digging habits can be extremely destructive, which is why it’s important to take control at the first signs of damage. Whether they are burrowing in your lawn for food or for shelter, armadillos can uproot grass and plants and create large holes across your landscape. Here are some others ways this beloved Texas icon can ruin your outdoor space:

• burrowing next to or underneath structures, sidewalks, brush piles or low-lying shrubs
• damaging underground pipes and/or wires
• creating cracks in sidewalks, driveways or building foundations as a result of burrowing

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