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Pest Control from Temple to Waco

Our trusted team keeps your home Bug-Free, Guaranteed!

See how we do it…
See how we do it…
Pest and Mosquito Control
Pest Control Services Mobile

Pest Control in All the Small Spaces

Texas pests are the worst but now they’re not your problem!

Pest Control Exterminator Belton TX

Pest Inspection and Thorough Prep

Preparations include plugging holes, removing wasp nests, webs, and other pest shelters.

Pest Control Service Belton TX

We Find All the Small Spaces

We spray to protect your porch, foundation, and entryways. For a small additional fee, we’ll do an initial treatment inside your home as well.

Pest Control Belton

Create a Powerful 8ft Barrier

We keep all the little bugs out by treating the natural habitat around the perimeter.

Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Year-Round Security 

Receive 6 bi-monthly applications by a licensed exterminator.

Add Rat Control & Indoor Flea/Tick to
Protect Your Best Friends

Stop Mice & Rats

Belton Rat Control Exterminators

Upgrade your Pest Control, because rats and mice aren’t just dangerous… they’re gross.

  • Traps are set outside &/or in the attic*
  • Every time we visit we’ll change and monitor stations
  • We’ll dispose of the rodents as necessary as well

*there is an additional fee for attic trapping

Switch Off the Itch of Fleas & Ticks

Flea and Tick Control Near Me

To help have greater peace of mind (and so we can guarantee our work) we recommend:

  • Emerald Lawns Interior Flea & Tick Treatment (applied as needed)
  • Emerald Lawns Year-round Outdoor Flea & Tick Applications
  • Personal, ongoing flea & tick care for your pets (dips, collars, purchased elsewhere)

We’ll Earn Your Trust Every Visit


What insects/pests will it control?2022-09-14T15:55:46-05:00
  • American Roaches
  • ants of all species
  • sow and pill bugs
  • non-grain or cloth-feeding beetles
  • boxelder bugs
  • assassin bugs
  • centipedes
  • millipedes
  • mud-daubers
  • scorpions
  • spiders
What insects are not controlled?2022-09-14T15:55:21-05:00
  • bedbugs
  • German roaches
  • fleas/ticks*
  • bees
  • or any pest classified as a wood-destroying insect, including termites

*fleas/ticks can be controlled for an additional fee

Do you do animal trapping?2022-09-14T15:55:12-05:00

We place rat traps in hidden/strategic locations around the home and will dispose of rodents as needed. We do not trap squirrels, raccoons, possums, birds, bats, or other wildlife.

How long do I need to keep pets and family away after spray application?2022-10-04T10:23:58-05:00

One hour is recommended or until the spray is visibly dry.

What if it rains after the outdoor application?2022-09-14T15:54:54-05:00

Typically, reapplication will not be needed, but as with all of our services, we offer guaranteed work and free service calls between scheduled visits.

Do you offer termite services?2022-09-14T15:54:43-05:00

No, we do not treat for termites or wood-destroying insects.

Where can I find more information about the health and safety of products used?2022-09-30T11:58:40-05:00
Where all do you treat for pests?2022-09-14T15:52:29-05:00

Most of our services treat the outdoor perimeter of your home, but we do offer an additional indoor cleanout on the first visit and service calls for some occasional invaders. We won’t go into your home without someone present.

For those receiving our premium rat/mice control, we might bait up in the attic for an additional fee as well.

What sort of licensing do you have?2022-09-14T15:52:19-05:00
Emerald Lawns, LLC is licensed and regulated by:   Texas Department of Agriculture   P.O. Box 12847   Austin, TX 78711-2847   Phone (866) 918-4481   Fax (888) 232-2567

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