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Control Fleas & Ticks in Your Yard​
(From Salado to Waco)

Fleas & Ticks Bite. Fight Back.

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Flea & Tick Prevention

We’ll Take Care of the Lawn Barrier

Fleas & Ticks are tricky to treat! Let’s get ’em from every level. Add outdoor prevention to your pet care.

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In addition to bothering our furry family members, these parasites can cause serious diseases.​

Flea and Tick Control

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Our team sprays thoroughly, in places that harbor these pests, such as tall grass, damp & shady places and areas with thick foliage.​

Flea and Tick Yard Control

90 Day Guarantee

Our curb-to-curb treatments are guaranteed for 90 days and, with the four-treatments-a-year plan, spot treatments are free of charge.​

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Is your flea and tick control application environmentally friendly?2022-10-04T10:20:47-06:00

Yes! It is completely safe for children, pets, and the environment.

Is there a safety wait period after you complete a flea and tick control application?2022-09-30T12:41:30-06:00

The product should be dry before you can safely enjoy your lawn and results are visible within a few days!

When should I see results from my flea & tick treatment?2022-07-27T12:30:44-06:00

Within a few days!

What does your flea and tick control cost?2021-02-17T09:04:25-06:00

This will require a sales representative to measure your lawn! If you already have a lawn program you can call the office for a specific quote.

Are spot treatments free if I purchase your flea and tick prevention plan?2022-10-03T16:26:11-06:00

Yes! With our plan including four applications in a year, spot treatments are free of charge.

Have your first application scheduled 3 to 5 business days after our first discussion with you.

Protect from Fleas & Ticks
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