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View a list of cities that offer irrigation rebates for efficiency audits,
sprinkler heads, valve boxes & backflow prevention.
Sprinkler System Repair Austin
Sprinkler System Repair Austin

Taking Austin Irrigation Systems from Functional
to Fully-Optimized

More than 50% of your total water bill is lawn irrigation & ​
up to 70% of lawn watering is wasted.​

Let a licensed irrigator work wonders on your lawn​
(& save you money).
Guaranteed Results
Emerald Lawns Irrigation

Certified Rebate Audit

Licensed irrigators will perform the tasks to meet specifications needed to secure rebates from local municipalities.​

Lawn Care
Sprinkler Inspection

Sprinkler System Inspection

Superb performance with a 30-point, eight zone evaluation by our licensed pros. 

Lawn Care

System Reconfiguration & Repairs

New pool or new landscaping? Have leaks? Need new nozzles?
We will ensure your system is ideal for your lawn.

Lawn Care
Irrigation Backflow Preventer

Backflow Preventer Certification​

If your device is badly corroded, contaminated water & waste will flow in the reverse direction, which is dangerous & gross.

Lawn Care

Certified Rebate Audit

To conserve water, many local municipalities offer Irrigation System Upgrade Rebates.
We follow the mandated guidelines to help secure your rebate.

Assess Water Damage

Assess Water Usage​

Water audits provide a standardized way to inventory all water uses in your irrigation.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduce Environmental Impacts​

Identify ways to increase water use efficiency which can reduce waste, water, & costs.

Irrigation Official Documentation

Official Documentation​

Our licensed irrigator will fill out the appropriate form required for a rebate & provide it to you.

Sprinkler System Check

If your system has inefficiencies, we’ll find them…​
& in many cases fix them on the spot!​

30-Point Inspection

We inspect sprinkler heads, connection points & valves, looking for broken fittings, clogged heads, & alignment issues (such as over or under spray). You’ll receive a list of any needed repairs.


We examine both internal & external bleed screws, flow control, & solenoid valve electrical troubleshooting.


Your technician will show you all the ins & outs for the settings on your controller. We’ll check the days, run times & electrical connections, making sure everything is correct.

Irrigation System Reconfiguration​​
& Repairs

From the addition of a pool to burst pipes & broken sprinkler heads,
we’re ready to get your system back in order.​​

Irrigation and Pool Installs

New Pool or Flowerbed

When a new pool is installed or your landscape is updated, your irrigation system has most likely had significant “trauma”. Pipes & valve boxes could be destroyed, and the pool company is not responsible to put things back in order. We will work with you to reconfigure your system based upon your unique needs & landscaping.​

Sprinkler System Repair

Advanced Systems

When it’s all working, you’re happy. Many new systems are not as simple to fine-tune or adjust. We get it. To avoid all of the hassle, we have a smart system that allows us to monitor your irrigation system remotely. Either way you will be satisfied!​

Fast & Guaranteed

Inherently sprinkler parts get damaged, wear out or need updating. We diagnose the issue, complete the repair, & test the system. Any system’s make or model…we guarantee your satisfaction!  Here are some of the most common issues our customers encounter​…

Backflow Prevention Certification

Backflow valve…what is it & why is it important?

Backflow Prevention Valve Certification

Our trusted irrigators will submit your certification to the city/water district.

Sprinkler Certification

To prevent dangerous, contaminated water from infiltrating your home.

Sprinkler System Certification

Most cities & water districts require annual inspections​.

Irrigation Certifications

A thorough inspection of the valve system and conducting any necessary repairs.

Irrigation Certification

Every property that is connected to a public water supply.

We’ll Earn Your Trust Every Visit

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Can I get a Free Irrigation Services Evaluation/Estimate?2022-09-15T14:09:45-05:00

The majority of our services allow our sales team to offer a free lawn evaluation by spending time on your lawn to gather information, measure your outdoor space and hear from you, with no obligation to purchase. Because irrigation services require state licensing, we are not able to send a sales team member to speak on the topic or give pricing information. This service must be provided by a licensed Irrigation Specialist.

The good news is that Certified Rebate Audits come with a rebate by local municipalities! Check out the other FAQs to see information on rebates in an area near you!

How does this service save us money on our water bill?2022-09-15T15:52:48-05:00

Most irrigation systems, including all sprinklers installed before 2007, use a cheaper spray nozzle with a goal to “water quickly”. This creates a number of problems for your lawn and your water bill.

  • 70% of lawn watering is wasted on runoff and atmospheric loss (worth hundreds of dollars a year!)
  • Much of that waste is based on the efficiency of an irrigation system and its nozzles
  • Watering too much or too little throws off the eco-system in your lawn and increases fungus, disease, turf damage and more

We can help save money on your water bill by:

  • Finetuning your system to distribute exactly what your landscape needs, when it needs it
  • Replacing nozzle heads with highly efficient rotator nozzles reduces water waste up to 70%
  • Continuing to monitor for inefficiencies
What about Irrigation Rebates?2023-04-19T11:02:30-05:00

In an effort to conserve water for the next generation(s), many local municipalities are offering Irrigation System Upgrade Rebates. They include different types of rebates, as well as different criteria.

These rebates can cover things such as:

  • Irrigation Evaluations
  • Rain sensors and shut-off devices that turn your irrigation system off during the rain
  • Replacing nozzles with more efficient, multi-stream or rotating heads
  • Installing a pressure-reducing valve in place of current, outdated valves

Here’s a list of some local rebate offerings:

    • Austin 
    • Georgetown
    • Round Rock
    • San Antonio
    • LCRA Customers (see below)
      Aqua Texas (Barton Creek Lakeside Utilities)
      Aqua Texas (Rivercrest Water System)
      Buena Vista Water System
      City of Burnet
      City of Cedar Park
      City of Cottonwood Shores
      City of Granite Shoals
      City of Horseshoe Bay
      City of Lago Vista
      City of Leander
      City of Marble Falls
      City of Pflugerville
      Corix Utilities
      Dripping Springs Water Supply Corporation
      Hays County WCID #1
      Hays County WCID #2
      Reunion Ranch WCID
      Hidden Valley Subdivision Cooperative
      Hidden Valley Subdivision Cooperative
      Hurst Creek MUD
      Hurst Creek MUD
      Hurst Creek MUD
      Inverness Point Water System
      Jonestown Water Supply Corporation
      Kingsland Water Supply Corporation
      Lakeway MUD #1
      Lazy Nine MUD 1-A
      Llano County MUD #1
      Loop 360 Water Supply Corporation
      Pecan Utilities Company
      Peninsula Bluffs
      PK-RE Development Company
      Sail Haven Water System
      Senna Hills MUD
      Travis County MUD #10
      Travis County MUD #12
      Travis County MUD #18
      Travis County MUD #4
      Travis County WCID #17
      Travis County WCID #18
      Travis County WCID #18
      Travis County WCID #20
      Travis County WCID Point Venture
      Village of Briarcliff
      West Travis County PUA
      Windermere Oaks Water Supply Corporation

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