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Fertilization and Weed Control Services for Lawns in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Achieve a lush, weed-free lawn that you’ll cherish, and your neighbors will admire.

Lawn Care Fertilization Service and Weed Control San Antonio

Specially Developed Weed Control & Lawn Fertilizer for the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Enlisting our services for lawn fertilization and weed control is comparable to having a dedicated personal trainer and nutritionist for your lawn, ensuring (guaranteed) results!

Lawn Fertilizer Service Near Me

Optimizing the Health of Your Lawn and Soil

Achieving a lush lawn depends on local knowledge and perfectly-timed lawn fertilizations.

Weed Control Near Me

Control and Prevent Weeds

Given Texas’ warmer temperatures, weeds thrive, making year-round care essential for effective control.

Lawn Care and Pest Control

Manage Grubs and Pests

Once it becomes visible, the damage has already occurred. Lawns are designed for enjoying the outdoors, not for being harmed by turf-destroying insects.

Weed Control Lawn Disease Service

Remedy Lawn Diseases

Are there yellow spots on your grass? Brown patches? Let’s fix it! We tackle the issue with a keen eye and persistence, that’s how we do it.

Lawn Care
Lawn Care
Lawn Care
Lawn Care
Texas Turf Grass Association Members in Austin

Experience healthy, lush, thick grass that you’ll delight in coming home to!

Not sure when to fertilize?

Poor soil pH & Harsh Texas weather requires 8 weed control and fertilizer applications throughout the year for a gorgeous lawn.

Lawn Fertilizer Service and Weed Control

Enhanced Soil Quality

Our company utilizes targeted supplements to address elevated pH levels caused by limestone-rich and compacted soil throughout the year.

Lawn Fertilizer Service & Weed Control Service Near Me

Optimize the Timing of Your Lawn Fertilization for Precise Results

Discover our innovative methods for cultivating resilient turf with deep roots, enabling it to thrive in the face of Texas’ unpredictable weather conditions and prolonged drought.

Lawn Fertilizer Services Near Me

Custom Lawn Fertilizer Treatments

Created in collaboration with manufacturers and their scientists, our fertilizer achieves the desired density, color, and texture, all without the need for a storage space filled with bags and other materials.

Maintain a Beautiful Lawn Throughout Every Season in Texas

We offer an extensive and thorough lawn care program that goes above and beyond to provide your lawn with the utmost care and attention. Our program consists of up to 15+ meticulously selected amendments and preventative applications that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your lawn. With a total of 8 visits spread throughout the year, we are committed to ensuring that your lawn receives the highest level of care and maintenance. Additionally, we prioritize the use of organic products whenever possible, ensuring that your lawn not only looks its best but also remains environmentally friendly.

Our Expertise Extends Beyond Mere Weed Killing…

“What is the most effective weed control method for my area?”

Our skilled technicians consistently administer top-of-the-line weed pre-emergent and targeted treatments during each visit.

Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control Company Near Me

An Effective Weed Barrier Solution

Twice a year, we meticulously lay a durable and high-quality weed barrier that effectively prevents weed growth from beneath the surface. With this proactive approach, we ensure long-lasting results and maintain a weed-free environment.

Weed Control Near Me

Say Good-Bye to Weeds in Your Lawn

Thoroughly examining your lawn will guarantee that any stray weeds are promptly addressed by professional experts.

Lawn Care, Fertilization and Weed Control Near Me

Tailored Weed Control Solutions

Our exclusive formula for weed treatment takes into account all the factors that contribute to weed growth, including weather conditions, soil composition, and grass type.

Enhance Your Lawn Fertilization by Effectively Managing Grubs and Pests.

Prices starting at $89.22…

When you include grub control in your lawn treatment program, you not only get protection against Armyworms and other lawn insects, but you also receive complimentary service calls! This ensures that your lawn remains healthy and free from pests.

Lawn Care

What is the most effective method for controlling grub infestations?

To ensure the optimal care for your grass, we carefully select the most suitable treatment. Our top-notch product will shield your lawn from any long-lasting harm throughout the year.

Lawn Care and Turf Services

Are Armyworms Considered Harmful?

These pests have the potential to wreak havoc on an entire lawn within a matter of days! Fear not, for we are here to collaborate with you in putting an end to their destructive path.

Weed Control Services

The Secret to Grub Control

During each visit, our skilled professionals diligently inspect your lawn, proactively identifying any indications of pests and promptly addressing them to ensure its well-being.

Prevent the Spread of Turf Disease to Maintain a Lush and Resilient Lawn

What could be causing the discoloration of my lawn? The warm and humid climate in Texas provides the perfect environment for fungus to thrive. Rest assured, we will be equipped to identify and treat any disease spots during each visit.

Brown Patch

Excessive rainfall and over-watering, combined with the scorching Texas heat, create the perfect conditions for this fungus to thrive. Fortunately, our team is experienced in identifying and tackling it. By catching it early, we can successfully combat its growth.

Weed Control and Lawn Disease Service

Take-All Patch

Lawn issues are commonly misdiagnosed and properly identifying the issue is very important. Once you know what the issue is you can treat it with Take-All Patch and save your lawn.

Lawn Treatment Service

Leaf Spot & More

From Helminth to Gray Leaf Spot, your technician will know what to look for & the precise application to end the disease and prevent lawn burn or worse.

We’ll Earn Your Trust Every Visit

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What should I expect with my first lawn fertilizer service?2022-09-14T15:54:17-05:00
  • Your application will be scheduled out 3 to 5 business days after our first discussion with you
  • You do not need to be home to receive a lawn application; we’ll leave our notes at your front door
  • Please be sure to unlock the gate to your backyard and have pets put away
  • Watering your fertilization treatment within 24 hours will greatly improve its efficacy
  • Each application is approximately 6 weeks apart
Why do you do 8 lawn applications?2021-02-16T12:20:44-05:00

There are three reasons! 1st, the exact timing based upon what the soil needs and the weather. 2nd, We apply lower doses more frequently. This produces superior results, is better for your turf, soil, and environment. And 3rd, it enables you to request service calls and in-between application treatments to ensure you are 100% satisfied!

Do I have to buy the entire lawn care program?2022-09-15T14:07:05-05:00

No, you don’t! You can purchase “a la carte” treatments. However, to receive service calls between regularly scheduled applications, we require a minimum of a 6 application program.

Is there a contract for the fertilization and weed control program?2022-10-04T10:17:47-05:00

No, there isn’t! We do not believe in requiring or tying a customer to an annual contract.

What sets you apart from other lawn fertilizing companies near me?2024-01-24T08:58:06-05:00

We are a lawn fertilizer company that offers a “whole product” solution which is a combination of:

  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Unique Custom Fertilizer Blend (designed specifically for Texas)
  • The Perfect Timing for Each Application (and how each application builds upon the other)
  • Training, Licensing & Certifications of our Technicians
  • and finally our 100% Guarantee

Read more about how we started from the spare room in our home in 2006.

What does it cost to get your lawn fertilized by Emerald Lawns?2024-01-24T08:57:23-05:00
What is the best weed control?2024-01-24T08:54:20-05:00

Controlling weeds is an ongoing battle and not a “one-and-done” event!

Weeds have the ability to grow anywhere there’s room and consequently, they’re everywhere. Weed seeds come in abundance and from many sources. Additionally, they have the ability to lay dormant in the soil for years before germinating. When actively growing, weeds produce thousands of seeds per plant. As a result, weeds disperse those seeds throughout the season.

Here are some tips we advise:

1. Know what you’re working with. Different types of weeds require different treatments.
2. Mow often. Despite the concern that mowing can spread weed seeds, it’s more beneficial to the health and density of your lawn to mow frequently. By having a thick, full lawn you essentially help “crowd out” the weeds. Correspondingly, weeds grow when there is space for them and a thick lawn reduces available space for the weeds to grow in.
3. Apply a pre-emergent in the fall and spot-treat weeds throughout the year to help grow healthy turf and reduce weeds.
4. Coupled with those other tips, follow our watering guidelines to nurture your lawn and stop weeds in their tracks.

Here are some resources you may find helpful to maintain a weed-free lawn:

Tips & Tricks from Dallas / Fort Worth Experts

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