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Mosquito Control in Austin
that You Can Trust

Because your outdoor space is meant for Texas BBQs + R&R, not mosquitoes.​

Guaranteed Results
Guaranteed Results
Mosquito Yard Treatments
Mosquito Control in Lawn

Science + Simplicity = Genius Mosquito Solution​

That’s why we deploy world-renowned mosquito traps invented by In2Care.​

Watch it Work

It’s genius…using the mosquito to spread the application to all breeding spots in your yard.

Mosquito Treatment Service

The 1-2 Punch!

1st punch knocks-out the adults with spray & then we hit ’em again with traps
that provide long-term population reduction (with auto-dissemination technology).
Bee Friendly Mosquito Control


Kid, pet & pollinator friendly, the In2Care trap will NOT attract bees or butterflies.​

Lawn Mosquito Treatments

Quick, Economic Option

Some occasions demand a quick remedy. Our mosquito spray does just that. We apply this “barrier” in the places they reside.

FREE Fly Control!​

[comes with the In2Care plan]

Works fast, without the smelly bags, unsightly strips & annoying zappers

Fly Lawn Treatment

We’ll Earn Your Trust Every Visit

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What should I do before treatment?2024-07-18T13:04:42-05:00

Keeping the lawn trimmed and dumping out standing water helps reduce the number of places that mosquitoes can live and breed.

Is your mosquito service safe around pets & kids?2022-09-15T15:46:18-05:00

We offer two different types of mosquito treatment. Both the synthetic barrier and organic barrier sprays use EPA-approved materials.

During a treatment, pets and children stay inside until after the spray dries in about 60 minutes.

What is the difference between the Synthetic and Organic sprays?2023-11-29T13:30:28-05:00

Our synthetic spray includes insecticides synthesized from natural occurring compound pyrethrum, found in chrysanthemum flowers. It’s used in many commercial insect control products, such as insecticides, pet shampoos, and lice shampoos applied to human skin. (During a treatment, pets and children stay inside until after the spray dries in about 60 minutes.)

Our organic spray can be applied around ponds, gardens, and flowers.

Note: To avoid harming bees, we will not treat near flowering shrubs where bees are present.

Why offer the In2Care Mosquito Trap?2022-09-15T15:47:58-05:00

We offer the In2Care Mosquito trap for many reasons.

  • The Aedes mosquito is difficult to control because they can breed in tiny spaces and have grown resistant to the insecticides frequently used.
  • The In2Care trap offers an innovative approach that attracts the mosquito to lay eggs amidst the repellent, as well as employ the mosquito to disseminate the application to the places mosquitoes frequent.
  • Plus, the use of traps allows us to decrease the number of synthetic spray treatments.
How is your Mosquito Service Kid, Pet & Bee-Friendly?2022-09-15T14:26:07-05:00

Because we care about our environment, we chose the In2Care® trap as our number one form of mosquito control. With the innovative use of auto-dissemination, the mosquito spreads the active ingredients to its breeding sites, effectively controlling itself.

These buckets will sit in hidden places around your lawn and lure mosquitoes in.

  • No sprays
  • No harsh smells
  • Does not target pets, kids or beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies

When it’s absolutely necessary, and a customer wants it, we also provide targeted mosquito spray treatments.

  • We do not spray areas when a bee or other pollinator is present
  • We spray plants at the bottom to target the places mosquitoes live

Here is the Material Safety Data Sheet if you desire to view the make-up of the treatments we provide.

What does your mosquito guarantee include?2022-09-15T16:04:10-05:00

We’re glad you asked! We stand behind our work which means that our mosquito service is guaranteed for program customers* who receive unlimited, free service calls of our mosquito repellent treatment between their scheduled visits.

So, call us anytime you experience a biting mosquito and we’ll schedule our crew to come take care of it.

*those that receive 5+ treatments

Have your first application scheduled 3 to 5 business days after our first discussion with you.

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