Temple Lawn, Landscape, & Pest Update

Summer 2024 is blazing! With the heat on the rise, ensuring your yard stays lush and green can be tough. But don’t worry, our local guide is packed with expert lawn care, landscaping, and pest control tips to keep your outdoor space vibrant all season long.

Other summer lawn diseases include take-all patch and black sooty mold.

Thatch buildup hinders your grass from taking in the vital air, water, and nutrients needed for robust root development and overall lawn health. Remove this excess organic matter by dethatching and mowing your lawn.

Lawn Thatch

Thatch Buildup

Grubs are starting to stir! These white pests munch on grass roots, causing turf damage or even death. Look out for these signs of grubs in your lawn:

  • Discolored spots
  • Dead grass patches
  • Birds digging in the yard
  • Grubs appearing on sidewalks or near your turf
White Lawn Grub

Summer weeds like spurge are rapidly spreading. These troublesome infestations often result from poor turf health and irregular mowing.

Spurge Weed

Just give us a call if you see these pop up on your lawn between regularly scheduled visits and we’ll come out for free (for customers with 6+ applications)

Summer droughts in Texas frequently present a significant challenge, placing considerable stress on turf and leading to wilting, discoloration, or even dormancy. While your grass can endure a short dry spell, its ability to recover depends on factors like grass type and soil conditions. Drought stress can result in several problems, including:

  • Slowed growth
  • Overall decline in health
  • Increased vulnerability to diseases, pests, and weeds
  • Reduced water retention
Drought Stress

Drought Stressed Lawn

Beat the Heat!

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