It’s that time of the year when allergies are kicking into high gear. Actually, it’s been and continues to be that time of the year!

We love working on lawns around Texas but we don’t love feeling stuffy and tired from insane allergies taking over our lives!  Luckily we’ve compiled a list of methods that are likely going to get your head feeling much clearer and stop you from wiping your eyes all day.

1) One Step Ahead!

After walking around your beautiful Texas lawn (or anywhere outside), be sure to remove your shoes when you enter your home or apartment.

Use a basket to put some indoor-only slippers for you and your loved ones to use in the house as opposed to your outdoor footwear.  This creates a very simple method of keeping your allergens and pollens from literally stomping across the home of your floor!  You’ll be pleased to see this help you in the fight against allergens.

2) Antihistamines

One way to fight allergies is fairly obvious – use an over-the counter antihistamine. But, if you’re like many people out there, the cost is just too much. Sometimes you end up paying as much as one dollar per pill with buying in bulk not saving you very much at all.

Consider, instead, ordering allergy-fighting pills online from a reputable dealer. You’ll be shocked at how much money you save by searching online instead of buying directly from a store.  With this in mind, you’ll no longer be charged an arm and a leg for your anti-allergy pills!

3) Cat Nap

Do you ever wake up with your cat basically face-hugging you, ensuring your head will be nice and bloated with allergies before you go to work?  If that’s the case, you need to set up an alternative bed for your cat (or dog) that will get them off your sleeping space.  We love our pets but that love can only go so far when they are sleeping way too close to your head.  Let your pets know it’s time to start snoozing in a different part of the house.

Until Next Time

And there are just a few tips that should have you free to enjoy your Austin lawn!  We look forward to sharing more tips with you in the future.

We might have some more allergy tips in the future!

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