Summer 2024 is heating up fast, Austin! Soaring temperatures can make it a challenge for your yard to thrive. We’ve created a local guide to everything lawn, landscape, and pest to prevent and combat issues you may encounter this season. This Boots on the Ground summer edition is brought to you by our Austin lawn expert & branch manager, Cain Cooper.

Other summer lawn diseases include take-all patch and black sooty mold.

Thatch buildup prevents your grass from receiving air, water, and nutrients essential for denser root growth and overall lawn health. Clear this add-up of organic matter by dethatching and mowing your yard.

Thatch Buildup

Grubs are active! White grubs destroy your lawn by feeding on the grass roots which can lead to damage or even turf death. Here are signs of grubs in your yard:

  • Discoloration
  • Dead patches
  • Birds digging in the grass
  • Grubs on the sidewalk/next to your turf

Summer weeds, like spurge, are taking over. Weed infestations can be caused by poor turf health and infrequent mowing.

Just give us a call if you see these pop up on your lawn between regularly scheduled visits and we’ll come out for free (for customers with 6+ applications)

Summer drought is a persistent problem in Texas and causes major turf stress like wilting, discoloration, or even dormancy. Your turf can get by a few weeks without water, but this depends on a variety of factors like grass type and soil conditions. Drought stress can lead to a variety of issues, such as:

  • Slow growth
  • Poor health
  • Susceptibility to diseases, pests, & weeds
  • Reduced water retention

Drought Stressed Lawn

Water restrictions continue to stay in place for the Austin area despite the recent rain. Lakes are still quite low, so we do not expect regulations to lift this year. Find your watering day here.

Beat the Heat!

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