We’re Taking Requests For Lunar

Here at Emerald Lawns, we’ve recently made a product called “Lunar” available for you!  It is here to help make your water more efficient!  With water restrictions coming into place, you need to be positive that you are getting the most out of your water.  We’re here to make sure you do.  Let’s take a look at what makes this product (and our implementation of it) so important.


The amount lunar increases efficiency of the water you apply to your lawn is impressive.  By applying Lunar, you’ll have a whopping 50% increase in water efficiency!

Taken straight from Lunar’s official website:

“LUNAR amends soil profiles and successfully addresses problems with water movement, water distribution, hydration and drainage in root zones caused by water repellency on mineral surfaces in soil profiles. LUNAR’s blend of leading edge triblock surfactants also provides the professional turfgrass manager with a highly effective tool to improve rootzone quality and productivity during stress conditions.”

There you have it!  With some cutting edge lawn care technology mixed with a real understanding of what lawns have always needed, Lunar is simply going to make your grass tougher.  The sooner we get it going, the sooner it will start working.

Summer’s Here

Applying lunar, a surfactant, to your grass is key when it comes to making sure your lawn makes it through summer.  It’s blazing hot out these days and your lawn is going to need a strong defense mechanism to really power up.  If you want that attractive green color to hang around, then consider getting in on Lunar.

Lasting Appeal

We have three applications of Lunar. Lunar lasts about 40 days each time it is applied onto your greenery.  Three applications with the timeframe of setting them apart should make this summer a tolerable one for your property.  Afterall, we all don’t work so hard on making sure our lawns stay in great shape just so they can wither up when we aren’t allowed to use enough water on them!

Another reason to consider having us add in this product?  Professional golf courses use it to make sure they stay green when water usage can get tight.

Keep It Green

You need to get ready for summer and if you’re not then be sure you get yourself ready for it by calling the best in Austin – Emerald Lawns.  We’re going to make sure that your lawn is going to be kept green, green, green!

Reach Out

Do you need Lunar? If so, you can get in touch with us to set this into motion ASAP!  We are ready to hook your lawn up with this product.

You can get in touch with us today by going to our contact form.  You can also call us at 512.990.2199.  Each application is reasonably priced and we are taking your requests right now.

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