If you search for a vibrant and strong grass type, zoysia is a great option. Your lawn deserves grass that is resistant to the challenges that Central Texas presents. In this blog, you will learn all about zoysia grass and why it’s a great choice for your lawn!

What is Zoysia?

Dark green in color, Palisades Zoysia has a medium to coarse texture and is native to southeast and East Asia. It spreads by runners and grows slower than hybrid Bermuda.

Zoysia has a good establishment and regrowth, which makes it extremely drought and cold tolerant. It loves blistering heat and can survive to 30° below zero.

Zoysia grows so thick with deep roots that crabgrass and other summer weeds cannot germinate making it a popular choice among homeowners.

How to Plant

Ideal planting times vary greatly from region to region and year to year. For the Austin area, the ideal planting times range from March through September. Upon receiving the sod, separate with sharp garden shears and lightly dampen the soil, and cut a strip of grass about 1” wide.

If you decide to fertilize the newly planted sod, do not use ordinary, granular fertilizers. They can burn or cause serious damage. Instead, use a water-soluble fertilizer, or contact your local lawn care specialist.

Care and Maintenance

Zoysia lawns require 1″ of water per week during peak season. The vigorous root system can run deep and extensive which helps its drought tolerance. This makes it perfect for places that go through drought during the summers, such as Austin, Texas.

Mowing is limited because zoysia does not grow very quickly. Thin blade zoysia should be maintained at 1-2 inches and the recommendation for course blade is 2-3 inches. 

Dethatching may not be necessary but if you choose to do so, it is advisable to do so in the spring to improve the passage of air, water, and nutrients through the turf.


Due to the high toleration to temperature, sunlight, and water, these grasses are among the most widely used for lawns in temperate climates.

Commonly used on golf courses to create fairways and teeing areas. Zoysia grasses stop erosion on slopes and are excellent at repelling weeds throughout the year.

Environmental benefits include filtering carbon dioxide, limiting the movement of pesticides and nutrients, and helps absorb heat in the summer.

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