The winter conditions that we have experienced will most likely damage St. Augustine, Zoysia and Bermuda lawns. Sprinkling compost and/or a topdressing application can help mitigate.

Lawn applications done prior to the storm will still be viable. Weed control may be much slower in the cooler temps and require a follow-up treatment.

Once temperatures are reaching above 40 degrees, it’s time to resume care. After lawns have fully emerged from dormancy, full winter injury may be assessed.

One thing is for sure – all lawns, regardless of turf type, are going to experience some degree of damage. A positive thing we have going for us is that lawns had a good layer of snow, which will act as a type of insulation.

We are not going to know the extent of the damage until the grass starts coming out of dormancy. At that time, we can make a proper assessment of your lawn. The same applies to trees and shrubs.

It is best to refrain from pruning dead tissue from trees and shrubs for the next few weeks. This will give us time to evaluate the damage done.