Let’s Keep Your Landscape Looking It’s Best!

Trees and shrubs are your greatest landscaping investment! Regardless of the shape or size of trees and shrubs, there will always be necessary maintenance needed to uphold the health of these plants and prevent diseases.

In this blog, you’ll find the top ten trees and shrubs that are ideal for your Texas landscape. We will continue this series to hit on related topics such as necessary maintenance instructions, common diseases, and preventative measures that should be taken to stop the spread of diseases found in trees and shrubs.

Top 5 Trees for Your Front and Backyard

Live Oak

Live Oaks are a popular choice in the Texas area as they have a high heat tolerance and thrive in diverse Texas environments. This tree reaches 40’ to 60’ in height and extends a large 50’ to 70’ canopy of branches, providing a perfect shade span your front yard! Additionally, Live Oaks produce oblong acorns and bloom in the spring.

Chinkapin Oak

Chinkapin Oaks are large trees reaching 70′ in height and providing ample amounts of shade. This tree produces a plentiful number of acorns. The Chinkapin Oak tree has a high heat tolerance and as a result, makes it perfect for our Texas environment!

White Oak

The White Oak tree is yet another large, heat-tolerant tree that will offer an ample amount of shade standing at 50’ to 70’ in height and reaching 60’ to 80’ in width. White Oaks have rather short trunks with spreading branches and as a result, make a classic and beautiful addition to your landscape! In addition, this tree produces acorns and blooms in the spring.

Cedar Elm

The Texas native Cedar Elm is a popular choice for landscaping, standing at 40’ to 70’ in height with a rounded or vase shape extending 40’ to 70’ in width. This tree stands tolerant to many Texas issues with a high heat tolerance and a high pest resistance. Additionally, Cedar Elm produces winged samara in autumn and blooms during the summer and fall.

Chinese Pistache

The Chinese Pistache is an ornamental tree, known for its visual appeal. This tree has a rounded or spreading shape, reaching 25′ to 35′ in height and 25′ to 35′ in width. Also, the Chinese Pistache has a high heat tolerance which makes it perfect for our Texas environment!

Top 5 Shrubs for Your Front and Backyard

Crape Myrtle

The Crape Myrtle is an eye-catching shrub or small tree that blooms gorgeous flowers in late spring to summer. This colorful plant would be a great addition to any landscape, adding considerable size if desired as the Crape Myrtle ranges anywhere from 2’ to 20’ in height and 2’ to 20’ in width. This shrub has a high heat tolerance which helps to beat the heat of Texas.


The Yaupon Holly is an adaptable shrub that will add some wonderful shape and dimension to any landscape! This plant produces red, orange, or yellow fruits during the fall and winter and blooms in the spring. The wide variety of clones create a diverse number of sizes which range anywhere from 4’ to 30’ in height and 2’ to 15’ in width. The Yaupon Holly’s high heat tolerance makes it a reliable option for Texas landscapes.

Japanese Boxwood

The Japanese Boxwood is part of the Boxwood family, a group of shrubs that were commonly used in formal sheared hedge landscapes. These shrubs vary in size, extending anywhere from 2’ to 8’ in height and 2’ to 8’ in width. The Japanese Boxwood is a great shrub option that would add the desired element of shape and dimension to your landscape!

Burford Holly

The Burford Holly is a classic shrub or small tree which produces bright red berries throughout the winter. The height of this plant ranges from 15’ to 25’ and extends 15’ to 25’ in width. This dense shrub is a classic addition for your landscape which will contribute color from the fruit and welcome bees from the flowers which bloom in spring!

Texas Sage

The Texas Sage shrub produces beautiful purple/pink flowers after heavier rainfalls. This shrub is very drought tolerant and will attract many bees while blooming. The full height of the Texas Sage can reach 6′ and reach a width of 5′. Fun fact: the older this shrub gets, the more profoundly it blooms!