Rock Bed Lawn Maintenance

In our most recent blog, we discussed the pros and cons of hardscaping – the use of rocks and hard surfaces in landscape design. Using rocks in your yard saves water and rescues areas struggling from a variety of stressors like excessive shade or frequent foot traffic.

If you’ve decided hardscape is a realistic choice for your yard and would like to know what it entails, or you’d like to improve your current rock bed maintenance, search no further. We’ve got the best tips & tricks to keep your design fresh and last a long time!

While maintaining rock beds requires some upkeep, we think it’s one of the easier tasks on your to-do list! We’ll go over our 4 Cs for hardscape management: Containment, Cleaning, (weed) Control, & Conservation. 


As mentioned above, hardscape designs may require additional rock added over time as the material can be removed. There are several things you can do to keep those stones in check and avoid the need for a refill.

  • Keep gravel within desired areas by incorporating metal edging
  • Use a rake or large push broom to routinely pull runaway rocks back into place
  • Even out beds every so often by raking the surface & adding new rocks
Rock Bed Hardscaping Maintenance


Rock beds can get messy, but there are many easy and creative methods to keep things tidy!

  • Clear away debris with a leaf blower or shop vac in beds with larger rocks that won’t get sucked up or blown away – be careful of rock projectiles!
  • For beds with smaller gravel, remove debris by hand
  • Hose down beds every few weeks to eliminate any surface buildup
  • Use a brush & dish soap or white vinegar to scrub away stains, mold, fungus, & stubborn dirt that can cling to rocks
Leaf Blowing Lawn


Unfortunately, you can’t run away from weeds, they seem to thrive in any environment. However, rock beds are great at reducing the number of weeds in your yard and it’s relatively easy to control the ones that pop up.

  • Incorporate weed matting in your hardscape installment
  • Spot treat or hand-pick weeds above the surface
  • Employ Emerald Lawns Bed Weed Control Service
Weed Control in Rock Beds - Round Rock

Our bed weed control keeps your landscape looking fresh and takes one more item off your to-do list. We make sure surrounding plants are protected and your beds are weed-free, guaranteed!


Each hardscape design is unique and will require different amounts of maintenance. You might have plants incorporated in your design that need special attention as rocks make it difficult for the right amount of nutrients and water to reach the soil level.

  • Water in dry plant fertilizer or use a product that is water-soluble and pour over the root area
  • Use a hose to water slowly at the base of the plant at the frequency recommended for your plant type
  • Install a plant protection ring or edging around plants that enable water and nutrients to easily reach the roots without fighting through a rock maze
Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance Service

Beautify Your Yard & Conserve Water!

Rock beds can last forever because, well, they’re made of rock. But you may need to replace the stones over time as they can get moved around, and sink, or the beds might just need some refreshment.

So, while the initial investment is pricier than alternative options like mulch or sod, rock beds pay for themselves within about 2-3 years of installment, due to water-saving costs and/or sod replacement. It’s a huge bonus that hardscaping instantly elevates the curb appeal of your property!

Check out just a few of the types of rock we offer and, as always, let us know how we can help make your outdoor space a place you love.

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