Top Dressing and aeration are two things that can be done to a lawn to really improve it. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of each. We’ll also explain exactly what top dressing and aeration are.

What is top dressing?

Topdressing a lawn is a great improvement method. It occurs when you apply compost to the surface to improve soil conditions and overall lawn health. Emerald Lawns prefers to do an annual application of top dressing to a lawn. We apply a nutrient-rich organic material that promotes healthy root and soil structure. How? Well, topdressing infuses the soil with beneficial microbes and minerals. It increases soil aeration, which we’ll delve into more deeply later in this article, improves drought resistance and relieves compaction. It is considered an ideal treatment for poor soil quality or quantity.

What is aeration?

Aeration, usually referred to as core aeration, utilizes a machine, known as a lawn aerator, to remove cores or plugs from the soil of a lawn. It reduces soil compaction, creating a way for oxygen, water and other nutrients to get to the soil. When you core aerate, you create plugs of about ½ to ¾ of an inch. Those plugs are best left on the lawn to go back into the soil, giving it vital nutrients.

How are top dressing and aeration related?

Well, many times, the first step of top dressing a lawn is to aerate it. By allowing air to get to the roots, you can make sure that the soil will penetrate the lawn and the lawn will then use the nutrients from the soil to improve its health. The two really do go hand in hand.

What are the benefits of top dressing?

Top dressing a lawn has many benefits. They are:

  • Smoothing the lawn surface to give you an evenness that goes right along with good lawn health.
  • Helping to control thatch.
  • Improving the soil.
  • Improving drainage.
  • Helping to renovate or overseed.
  • Protecting the grass over the winter so it doesn’t die out.
  • Stimulating the grass, producing new shoots and creating denser grass to help combat weeds and moss infestation.
  • And making you lawn greener.

What are the benefits of lawn aeration?

Lawn aeration has many benefits as well. Some of them overlap with top dressing. They are:

1)      Helps a lawn breathe. Aeration gives your lawn access to increased oxygen and organic fertilizers and nutrients. Oxygen is essential for grass to grow and survive. When aerated lawns are watered, the water reaches the roots with more ease. This helps the lawn grow thick and soften the soil.

2)      Reduces water waste. Lawns that have been aerated require less water than ones that haven’t been. Water penetrates easier so you need less to make an impact. Also aeration prevents excess water from running off and forming puddles on your lawn.

3)      Clearing thatch build-up. Aeration can clear dense thatch and facilitate movement of both air and water, preventing another thatch infestation. Thatch provides an ample breeding ground for disease and unwanted insects.

4)      Reduces soil compaction. When your soil is compacted, usually due to heavy lawn traffic, it can’t eliminate water and hold air properly. Aeration reduces soil compaction allowing water and air to reach the roots.

5)      Improved lawn health. Aeration can assure you that your lawn is back on the road to good health. During aeration, weeds are naturally removed. Brown spots are reduced in lawns that get aerated regularly. You’ll see the difference almost immediately in your lawn.

When combining top dressing and aeration, you give your lawn a great chance at good health. We, at Emerald Lawns, are experts at both of these procedures and would love the opportunity to give your lawn the good health it deserves. Give us a call today at 512-990-2199.