Many regions in Texas have extremely poor soil, composed of compacted clay and sucked dry of nutrients by drought. Our Organic Topdressing replenishes vital nutrients to trigger growth and color. The addition of Liquid Aeration relieves the compaction and creates access to air, water, and nutrients.

Not all topdressing is created equal, though. Learn more about the amazing microbial activity that will jumpstart your lawn’s health in this blog.

New to Texas or moving here soon? Check out these curb appeal tips from local real estate experts at The Robert J Fischer Team, complete with native plant options.

Many local municipalities see the value of these services to help with water conservation.

In fact, your city may offer a rebate for these services to save you some cash! We’ve gathered relevant topdressing and aeration rebates for our Texas service areas, check them out on the table below!

Rebate Link City

LCRA provides rebates of 50% of the total cost, up to $600 per residential property, for aeration & compost

Mechanical Aeration: 50% of equipment rental or contractor costs up to $100
Compost & Mulch: 50% of cost up to $300 per household. No Dillo Dirt, rock, or rubber Austin
Water Conservation Program Lawn & Aeration & Compost Rebate: $150 per residential water account. Round Rock
Landscape Survival Tools Rebate: $50 for at least 2 cubic yards of compost
$150 for core aeration service of entire front and/or back lawn Sunset Valley

SMTX Utilities Soil Saver Rebate: Core Aeration: 50% of the cost of service or equipment rental, not to exceed $50

Compost Application: 50% of the cost of service or material purchase price, not to exceed $75 San Marcos
Lawn Aeration & Compost Rebate up to $100 to help offset the cost of having your lawn core aerated and composted Georgetown
Healthy Soil Application: $0.50 per cubic foot of compost/mulch installed
$30 flat rate for front and/or back lawn
Up to $100 for mulch or compost only
Up to $130 for mulch and/or compost plus core aeration New Braunfels