Topdressing Composition

Did you know topdressing could scorch your lawn? Certain types of topdressing, even those sold at local hardware stores, can actually burn your lawn.

Lawn Needs Help with Topdressing

Dillo Dirt

Dillo Dirt contains the highest amount of nitrogen of the composts available in the local market. So, while Bermuda lawns may like it in the spring, other turf types cannot usually process this concentration of nitrogen and end up burning the lawn or causes an increase in disease activity in the soil. There’s also the obvious, prolific odor of the lawn once Dillo Dirt is applied.

The Emerald Way

At Emerald Lawns, we carry two higher-quality composts: Pro-Grow and Rose Mix.

Pro-Grow is a turkey compost with pine grinds, graphite sands, and other items to work on the pH of the soil. One of the big problems we have with lawns in Central Texas is that the soil pH can tend to be very alkaline due to a high content of limestone. We’ve found that adjusting the pH will release several micronutrients to improve the health of local lawns.

Rose Mix is made for areas where pH is especially high, as it is designed for acid-loving plants. Enriched with peat moss, pine grind, compost, pecan hulls, and granite sand, this soil allows air into the roots promoting a stronger root

So, What’s Best for Your Lawn?

To learn what compost or topdressing your grass would benefit most from…take a pH sample of your soil. If you live in Austin you can get a test kit for free, or purchase one at a nearby home and garden store.

Or Course, Our Team at Emerald Lawns Could Help With That!

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