Topdressing Composition

Did you know topdressing could scorch your lawn? Certain types of topdressing, even those sold at local hardware stores, can actually burn your lawn.

Lawn Needs Help with Topdressing

Dillo Dirt

Dillo Dirt contains the highest amount of nitrogen out of all the composts available in the local market. Here are several reasons why we don’t recommend applying Dillo Dirt to your lawn:

  • Made from treated human waste, or sewage sludge
  • It isn’t recommended to grow food close by
  • While it’s a nutrient mixture that Bermuda lawns might like, other turf types might not respond well due to the nitrogen concentration
  • Excessive amount of weed seeds in the mix
  • It attracts flies and has a foul odor
  • Contains potential pathogens, heavy metals, and organic pollutants

The Emerald Way

We use our organic, locally sourced topdressing mix formulated by our professionals that’s like a vitamin B12 shot for your Central Texas lawn, composed of:

  • Cotton Burr
  • Pine Shavings
  • Pine Dust
  • Rice Hulls

Plus, there’s no smell of waste!

The benefits of our topdressing speak for itself:

  • The organic matter helps break down compact soil
  • Increases microbial activity to encourage a healthier lawn environment
  • Adds nutrients back into your lawn
  • Invigorates root growth and water intake
  • Intensifies grass growth and density

So, What’s Best for Your Lawn?

To learn what compost or topdressing your grass would benefit most from…take a pH sample of your soil. If you live in Austin you can get a test kit for free, or purchase one at a nearby home and garden store.

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