Topdressing Explained!

Topdressing a lawn is probably one of the lesser-known improvement methods among the average property owner. Topdressing a lawn means you’re applying compost to the surface to improve soil conditions and overall lawn health.  At Emerald Lawns, we believe that an annual application of nutrient-rich organic material will promote healthy root and soil structure. Why? Topdressing infuses the soil with beneficial microbes and essential minerals. This increases soil aeration, improves drought resistance and relieves compaction issues. It is an ideal treatment for poor soil quality/quantity.

6 Benefits of Topdressing your Lawn:

  1. Topdressing improves soil condition. Lawns with beautiful grass have good soil underneath them. They have about ½ – 1 full foot of topsoil that’s rich in organic matter. A good soil structure doesn’t have too much clay or sand in it. It is moist without being waterlogged. Adding a topdressing mixture once or twice per year can make your soil transform into the appropriate soil to support a lush, green lawn.
  2. Topdressing stimulates the grass. It will produce new shoots and there will be denser grass in your lawn which will help combat weeds and moss infestation.
  3. Topdressing smooths the lawn’s surface. It helps even out the surface because you are applying new soil in an even layer. It will even out lumps and bumps and fill in any small hollows that may develop. This will make the lawn look prettier and provide an even distribution of nutrients to the lawn.
  4. Topdressing improves thatch decomposition. It encourages the decay of the thatch, leaving your lawn healthier and providing a natural, organic way to get rid of the thatch.
  5. Topdressing enhances seed germination. When you topdress your lawn after a core aeration and over-seeding, the germination of the seeds will be enhanced. Topdressing helps to cover new grass seeds, helping them to retain moisture and provide good soil-to-seed contact for the new seedling to take root.
  6. Topdressing makes your lawn greener. Yes, because of the organic matter in the topdressing material, a lawn will often see a ‘green-up’ following the procedure because nitrogen is added to the lawn.

What does Emerald Lawns use for topdressing?

Emerald Lawns uses a material called Pro-Grow. The produce is great for reducing soil alkalinity.  It includes:

  • pine fines
  • ground cottonseed
  • finely crushed pecan shells
  • turkey & dairy manure
  • sand

The high amount of organic matter in the topdressing mixture adds essential nutrients to your lawn, giving your soil a better biology and making the conditions better to maintain a beautiful lawn.

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