Howdy, San Antonio! Our lawns and landscapes are thriving this season despite facing challenges like weeds, disease, and pests. However, we’ve noticed an uptick in activity from one particular creepy crawler.


St. Augustine lawns are battling issues with leaf spot fungus caused by excessive moisture. You may notice discoloration as the disease progresses to the sheath and crown of the grass blades. If left untreated, this fungus leads to lawn death.

We’re seeing thatch build-up on lawns due to irregular mowing. Keep your grass well maintained in order to clear this accumulation of organic matter as well as weeds. Here’s a quick mowing guide:

  • Bermuda: 2”
  • Augustine: 3.5-4”
  • Fine Blade Zoysia: 2”
  • Palisades Zoysia: 3”

Grubs are wreaking havoc on some San Antonio lawns. Our grub control keeps the pests away with just one application a year. Keep an eye out for these signs and let your technician know if you notice anything:

  • Dead, brown patches
  • Birds digging in your lawn for some grub
  • Grubs on the sidewalk near your yard

We recommend you get your irrigation system checked so it’s fully optimized for the summer heat. We offer a 30-point, 8 zone evaluation performed by our licensed pros to identify any issues and help you save your water.

Stay ahead of drought with our Water Efficiency Treatment! We use two products, Hydretain and Hydr8, that use science to trap water in the soil and attract moisture from the air, transforming it into plant-useable water droplets.


Due to the cooler temps and moisture we’ve been seeing lately, landscapes are looking beautiful! We haven’t noticed anything concerning across most of the landscapes we treat. Continue to exercise proper cultural practices for each tree and shrub.

We do recommend waiting until July to trim live oaks due to oak wilt in the area. Check out our pruning guide for proper trimming tips.

Refreshing your landscape? Make sure to remove old mulch from the beds before adding new mulch to avoid restricting airflow to the root systems.


What’s the pest activity in your area like?

  • Cockroaches: Minimal
  • Rodents: Mild
  • Wasps & Hornets: Mild
  • Spiders: Considerable
  • Mosquitoes: Moderate
  • Fleas & Ticks: Mild

Due to the recent rains, we’ve been seeing more fire ant mounds popping up and mosquito activity increasing.

Here are three tips for a pest-free space:

  1. Eliminate pests’ hiding spots by keeping your lawn and shrubs trimmed
  2. Keep up with regular pesticide applications
  3. As daily temperatures start to rise, be on the lookout for pests seeking water and food sources, and communicate any changes with your technician

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