Good lawn watering habits help ensure a healthy lawn.

Designating a day, time and amount of water for your Central Texas grass is one easy step to ensure that your lawn gets the water it needs. 

How much should you water?

The industry standard for the amount of water your lawn needs is roughly an inch of water per week (or 1/2 an inch twice per week), whether the yard gets water manually or from rainfall. Try to stay diligent to the one inch per week of water guideline. Too much water can be wasteful and harmful to the lifespan of the grass.

When should you water?

Watering early in the morning is best. We suggest watering between 4:00 AM and 6:00 AM. If you water by hand, we encourage you to do so before 9:00 AM. It allows the lawn to take in all the water throughout the day and brace through blistering heat.

Avoid watering from 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM. This is the hottest period of the day and is the least efficient. When spraying a hose or a sprinkler there is that brief time period before water hits the ground from the hose. During this time period, water has the opportunity to evaporate and never go to any use for your lawn. 

Watering late in the evening often keeps the lawn from fully drying out, which can sometimes cause disease in the grass.

What does it mean to water deeply? 

As mentioned above, we suggest watering for one inch once a week. Why? A less frequent, longer sprinkle goes much farther than frequent, quick ones. Watering deeply allows your grassroots to stretch down searching for water, developing stronger roots. These healthy roots are one of the hidden keys to lawn care success! 

So, avoid frequent, lighter watering. This behavior prompts the grass to have shallower roots that remain towards the surface. 

Remember, regular watering is a lawn care staple here in Central Texas. It is just as important as regular lawn mowing. Be sure to follow these tips in order to keep a healthy lawn while complying with local watering regulations.

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