Trees and Shrubs

Our team has been working to keep trees and shrubs healthy in Central Texas since 2006.

A Tree & Shrub Program to Protect Your Landscaping through all of the Texas Seasons

Have peace of mind with seven maintenance visits to produce thriving, vibrant trees, shrubs & landscape.

We treat all perennial plants (in-ground), trees and shrubs that are less than 25′ in height and/or less than 10-12″ wide at the trunk. We provide comprehensive care for disease, insects and growth.

Round 1:  We apply our environmentally-friendly insect protectant, Horticultural oil. This prevents future growth on the overwintering insects and their dormant eggs left behind. We also apply a fungicide to protect against early season fungus.

Round 2: Our root-zone fertilization injection is placed in the feeder root areas of the landscape to withstand unpredictable Texas weather. With a high nitrogen, potash/potassium, and iron mixture, it sparks new growth and strengthens your trees and shrubs.

Round 3: We’ll apply systemic insecticides to pinpoint the insects of early spring and monitor diseases. To combat the rainy season, we will also waterproof. Lastly, we will give a boost of micronutrients such as manganese, boron, zinc, and magnesium.

Round 4:  With a stronger insecticide and a warm weather fungicide, we’ll target those insects and diseases that appear as the weather warms up. Additional nutrients are added to help developing trees and shrubs to pull through the heat (manganese, potassium, zinc, etc.) .

Round 5:  Insect and disease control treatment switches back to our systemic insecticide. This is bee, butterfly and ladybug-friendly to ensure that all the good bugs keep doing what they do best. We’ll apply a timely fungicide to match the season, plus micronutrients to keep the growth healthy and strong.

Round 6: Insect and disease control treatment with a potent blend of insecticide and fungicide with more micronutrients to end the season strong.

Round 7: A very important root- zone fertilization helps root strength and soil pH levels adjust over the winter and create better and more mature growth going into the spring. Systemic insecticides are taken in by the root system to help prevent those fall insects from damaging the trees and shrubs (ie, borrers).

Every visit to you lawn, we treat any condition as needed at the time of application. When necessary, we’ll use additional fungicides, granular fertilizers, and soil amendments.

Service calls, a visit to your lawn between scheduled rounds, are free for  customers with 5 or more apps.

We refer folks to local companies around town for these treatments since we don’t provide them at Emerald Lawns:

  • Treatments for native trees, trees that are bigger than 10-12 inches wide at the trunk, and/or trees that are 25 ft. or higher (they are at the “adult stage” and are self-sustaining)
  • Tree-trimming

Typically issues will pop up in the beginning of spring:

  • Leafspot on Red tip Photenias, Pineapple Guava, and Indian Hawthorn
  • Infestations of sugar feeding insects like aphids, scale, whiteflies etc.

Heading into the summer, is the season of “leaf hoppers”. These chewing and sucking insects suchas caterpillars, newborns, and bag worms will be spotted on a variety of Texas trees and shrubs.

Of course, it’s anytime is a good time to get professional advise on watering, mulching and pruning for the cultural side of your landscaping.

Give us a call at 512.990.2199 to receive a free, no-obligation evaluation.

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