Mosquito Control

There is a new way to control mosquitoes. We won’t blanket your lawn with pesticides, killing every moving creature across your entire yard (like some mosquito control options). Instead, Emerald Lawns strategically targets mosquitoes with specialized traps and intentional applications.

How We Give Mosquitoes the 1-2 Punch

1) We Lure ‘Em In

We care about our kids, pets and pollinators so we’ve enlisted the help of In2Care traps. These canisters lure in female mosquitoes. A compound is transferred to the mosquito and is spread to all breeding sites by the mosquito.

  • This eliminates both adult and larvae mosquitoes
  • It’s eco-friendly because it targets the habitat that mosquitoes seek in a dark wet environment
  • We target the Aedes mosquito which is found in Central Texas. This species is resistant to chemical insecticides and carries Dengue, Yellow Fever, and Zika.

2) We Knock ‘Em Out

On our first visit, we’ll also apply an additional “knock out” application.

  • We spray to repel adult mosquitoes where they hide in tree branches, shrubs, and shady areas
  • We’ll treat un-drainable standing water with larvicide to stop eggs from hatching
  • Organic sprays are also available

Customers with 5+ applications can request free applications anytime they experience biting mosquitoes in between visits.

We’re locally owned and raised. As outdoor lovers, we do our part for the environment, as well as mitigating the spread of disease.

Let us know how we can help your family enjoy your little piece of Texas. :)

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