Soil is the source for all food and fiber consumed on Earth. It is a medium composed of minerals, organic matter, water, air and living organisms. Why don’t we take a quick look at each of these components to help you get healthy soil?

Minerals –

Healthy soil is comprised of various minerals. Each of these minerals is charged with the task of promoting plant and soil health. Some key minerals in soil include:

  • Carbon – this is the building block of all organic chemistry
  • Calcium – a structural component of the cell wall in plants. In fungi, plants and bacteria, calcium helps to regulate internal chemical processes. Calcium helps to make soil alkaline.
  • Manganese – is essential element of chlorophyll and aids in photosynthesis as a result.
  • Nitrogen – every plant and animal protein contains nitrogen. It’s essential to life on this planet.
  • Potassium – is essential to regulating photosynthesis and water management in plants.
  • Phosphorous – essential to the biochemistry of photosynthesis, metabolism of sugars, energy management, cell division and transfer of genetic material. It’s essential to all life forms
  • Sulfur – an important component of amino acids and proteins.

Organic Matter –

Made up of sticks, leaves, compost and mulch, organic matter breaks down very quickly and needs to be added often to make a healthy soil. This organic matter contributes to soil nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur. The end result of organic matter is humus. Humus is created after microorganisms break down organic matter.

Water –

Roots do not travel to find water; water must travel to them. It’s a solvent and a carrier for plant nutrients. Water is required for metabolic processes of microorganisms in the soil and gives plants life-sustaining liquid.

Air –

About half of the soil volume must consist of space filled with air and/or water. There are gases in soil air. They include: carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. Due to respiration of soil microorganisms, the air in the soil has more carbon dioxide than the air we breathe.

Soil Microorganisms –

More microbes exist in 1/3 cup of soil than there are people on Earth! Soil microorganisms include: bacteria, fungi, protozoa, anthropods, nematodes and worms. Tilled soil, such as that found in your lawn, is more bacterially dominant. Non-tilled soil, like what’s found in the forest, is more fungally dominant.

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