What to Expect on Your Central Texas Lawn

Hello Summer- we’re so glad that you’re here! We’ve been anticipating your sunny arrival all year! Whether alone or gathering with family and friends, it’s the perfect time to get out in the backyard again!

As you enjoy your little piece of Central Texas- we want your lawn at its best, so we’ve gathered info from our team of experts so you’ll know what to expect.

We’ve included some season specific reminders and a lineup of Texas’ Most Notorious Lawn and Landscape Culprits PLUS we threw in a special treat for our creative DIYers and shared some charming outdoor décor tips.

Here’s what we’re covering in the Central Texas Lawn Update – Summer Edition:

  • Happy Soil, Healthy Lawn
  • Surviving the Summer Bug Bite-Free
  • Beautification 101 Blooms and Branches

Love your Lawn throughout this Texas summer.

Happy Soil Healthy Lawn

Go for Green and Gorgeous!

Because who doesn’t want a lawn that is both head-turning and barefoot-worthy?

What We’re Seeing


This is a leaf spot disease that pops up in Bermuda grass when temperatures rise and humidity is heavy.

How will you know if this is happening to your lawn? This will present itself as “cigarette burn” spots on the blades of grass.  When the disease is active it will be a rust color.

Pictured above: An up close shot of grass infected with Helminthosporium fungus

This disease is easily controlled, but can be “blown up” by fertilizer, so early diagnosis and treatment is key. Even after it is controlled, it will be white and can take several weeks to recover. So don’t delay, have one of our experts check it out right away!

What We’re Doing


REJUVENATION is Round 5 of our year round Lawn Treatment Plan where we apply a slow-release granular fertilizer to help grass uptake nutrients at a steadier rate


This process minimizes surge growth so this means LESS mowing for you but MORE consistent food source for your lawn


This organic matter helps sustain beneficial microbial activity and the slow release guarantees that your soil always has nitrogen


This is ideal to keep your grass lush, thick and uniformly green in spite of the warm temperatures


How You Can Help

Pristine Lawn


Recommended cut heights:
Bermuda Grass – 2in
Zoysia Grass – 3-31/2in
St.Augustine – 4in
*We customize care plans so call us if you have something different

Ideally you’ll want to choose the early morning hours to add 1 inch of water per week to the average lawn during the warmer months. You want to water infrequently but deeply since shallow watering encourages weed germination. Yikes!

Even still, the Central Texas heat can wear down your luscious green turf as the summer sun often evaporates water before it can be absorbed.

If you want to give your lawn an extra boost to keep water in your soil, where it belongs- ask about our water conserving compound solution called AquaAid! Together we’ll nurture a disease-free, lush and green lawn!

It’s the “Emerald Way” to always look out for you and your lawn! 

Every visit, we assess and spot-treat for all broadleaf weeds, insect and disease activity.

Surviving the Summer Bug Bite-Free

Dear Biters, Buzz-Off

The instinctive desire to protect your lawn, family and pets from pesky insects



Serial Biters

  • Excessive Nuisance
  • Put humans at risk for serious diseases
  • Sole transmitters of heartworms to pets

Our quick and economic barrier spray as well as our more long term and eco-friendly In2care trap are proven solutions to get your yard Mosquito free!

Fire Ant Control Service


Aggressive Intruders 

  • Epitome of “tiny but mighty”
  • Destroying lawns by thousands
  • Terrorizing both humans and pets with their venomous stings.

Our granular fire ant treatments guarantee that your lawn will be free from the return of fire ants for six months!


Bloodsucking Intruders

  • Hide places like playscapes, tree-houses, even the shrubs.
  • Infecting humans and pets with varying bacteria and disease

Our flea/tick application targets the most frequent infestation areas and guarantees you coverage for 90 days!


Habitual Contaminators

  • Uninvited Guests and the most popular pest
  • Posing health risk while transmitting a wide variety of pathogens to humans

Our odorless and stainless spray is applied in frequented areas and reduces flies for up to 30 days!


Lawn Killer

  • Devours grass and plant roots
  • Breeds and lays eggs to further infestation
  • Can transfer parasitic eggs if eaten by pets

Our granular grub treatment is an eco-friendly formula and guarantees your lawn free from the damage for a full year!

What We’re Seeing


This is a small insect that gets its nourishment from sucking the sap/moisture out of grass blades, to make matters worst the toxins they leave behind create patches of dead turf. When a lawn is infested with chinch bugs, damage appears as orange, dead blades of grass. (Pictured below)

Chinch bug activity is common this time of year. They can be found in all grass types but are most often found in stressed or dry St Augustine lawns. A lawn that has gone through drought stress is much more susceptible to a chinch bug infestation.

How will you know if this is happening to your lawn? This will present itself as brown patches resembling a bullseye. (Pictured below)

What We’re Doing


It’s important that your lawn is a safe haven for you to do the things you love. Hosting a cookout with friends, watching your loved ones run around bare toes and/or paws, or maybe even just you laying out with a good book. Whatever you want, we want you to have it!

We treat affected areas with an Insecticide that is a chemical copycat of a naturally-occurring pesticide that comes from the chrysanthemum flower. Once ingestion or topical contact occurs, it targets the insect’s central nervous system resulting in their extermination. One thing that we love about this solution is that it cannot be absorbed by plant foliage and is pet-friendly once dried, which makes it safe to use around your yard and home. 

Fly Free Lawn

What You Can Do


RAKE This loose layer of both dead and living grass stems, roots, shoots, and other debris that builds up on top of your soil creates the perfect environment for these bugs to live and feed in, so clear it out frequently.

MOW at recommended levels and WATER consistently

Want to be pro-active about these pesky threats to your dream lawn? Consider getting a professional aeration 1-2 times a year. Aerating the soil allows air, water, and nutrients to flow deep where they’re most needed, fosters a deeper and denser root system and creates a more drought tolerant turf.

Aeration Service Effectiveness

Not exactly sure what’s BUGGING you?

Well this is what you ought to do

Flea Control Near Me

Is all of this ringing eerily true?

Don’t you fear – we can help you!

Beautification 101: Beds, Blooms and Branches

The Endless beauty of Nature is that it never goes out of style

What We’re Seeing


These unsightly spots on shrubs and shade trees can be caused by fungi or bacteria. An established plant can tolerate almost complete defoliation if it happens late in the season or not every year while small or newly planted trees are more at risk of suffering damage. We treat shrubs and trees to keep them in good health and fight disease if needed.


There’s nothing that sucks the life out of your landscape like dull colors. Re-mulching your garden and tree bases will ensure that you love the way your lawn looks year round. HOA committees are known for issuing citations when the mulch thins out and the weeds sprout up in garden beds. We install a protective barrier when mulching to ensure you can be care free and in compliance with these community guidelines.

Emerald customers have made us super proud by winning Lawn of the Month in their neighborhoods, even during the quarantine! The resounding praise that the strikingly green grass, shrubs, trees and  manicured garden beds made a big if not complete impression upon the judges is a win for us all!

What We’re Doing


We place a layer of organic material around the plants and over the soil in a flower bed or line of shrubs as a way to maintain an even and attractive appearance as well as achieve a damage-resistant lawn. Some of it’s benefits are:

Prevents erosion in the soil.
• Helps protect the moisture in soil during significant Texas heat.
• Helps control weeds during the rainy season.
Minimizes compaction during the rainy season.
• Helps to keep an even temperature in the soil.
• Can increase the number of nutrients in the soil.

Mulch looks great around the bases of trees and keeps away those pesky weeds!!

No matter your decorative taste, mulch makes any landscape BEAUTIFUL! (Pictured above paired with Shrubs and below with Colorful blooms)

What You Can Do



It’s hard not to love a pop of color when you are out walking, biking or driving through the neighborhood. Flowers are some of nature’s most beautiful creations and such an easy enhancement for even the most amateur gardener. Plant seeds to see some of these miracles bloom right before your eyes or Visit your local nursery to choose some adolescent blossoms to take home and transplant in your garden beds!


River stone, Granite and Limestone come in a variety of colors, textures and sizes and are all great rocks to add to your landscape and will give you a pristine look paired with grass or mulch. You can place lay them as borders or garden bed fill and even add a big boulder for a real “wow” factor


These add color, texture and structure to define garden beds making them a great staple to have around the foundations of a house with or without flowering buds. They also are great for shading smaller plants and acting as privacy walls!

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Thank You for trusting us to make your outdoor space one of your favorite places to be. Call us if you have any questions about what we can do to make sure you have a lawn that you love: 512-990-2199.