What to Expect on Your Central Texas Lawn

We love spending summer nights and weekends in our backyard with friends and family.

We’ve gathered info from our teams about lawns in the area so you can know what to expect with your Central Texas lawn throughout the summer.

We’ve included weather-related variables as well as some tips for those DIY’ers out there.

Here’s what we’re covering in the Central Texas Lawn Update – Summer Edition:

  • A Summer-Hardy Lawn
  • Gorgeous Landscaping
  • An Epic Outdoor Space

Texas lawn throughout the summer.

A Summer-Hardy Lawn

Oh, How We Love the Green!
Please, Texas, let it Stay a Little Longer…

While we’ve loved the colors of spring, we know that the summer heat will begin to take a toll on our turf.

Let’s kick off this update with info about grass and soil care.

What We’re Seeing

With all the recent rain, combined with increasing Texas heat, we’ve seen cases of Helminthosporeum fungus in Bermuda grass.
As you can see, it’s imperative to catch it early.

What We’re Doing

For lawn program customers, we are:

  • applying a slow-release fertilizer to help grass uptake nutrients at a steadier rate (keeping your grass greener, longer)
  • assessing every lawn for diseases (like the one above)
  • spot-treating for weeds, especially grassy weeds

*Remember* Our Guarantee Means Free Service Calls

If you get 6 or more treatments, you can call us to receive free, unlimited spot treatments in between scheduled visits

What You Can Do 

Maintain color and health, while fighting off fungus using these mowing and watering best practices:

  • Mow weekly at cooler times in the day, morning or evening to limit stress in turf
  • Water 1″ weekly between midnight and 8 am so that most water can be properly absorbed (avoiding too much evaporation in the afternoon or pooling water in the evening). Click for more watering tips.

Did You Know?

This is Bermuda seed head, which is commonly confused was a weed.

Since it’s hardy, drought-resistant grass, we say “let it grow!”

If you are unsure whether you have a friend or foe in your lawn, give us a call.

*For Superior Summer Lawn Prep*

A Friend of a Friend Did Some Research

Some friends are, okay, our awesome distributors that are now friends, did some groundbreaking research to discover a compound we can add to your lawn to increase water retention.

When you water your lawn after this special application, water will be distributed more evenly in your soil, increasing water and nutrient absorption.

Summer, bring on the heat. Our lawns will be more prepared than ever!

Gorgeous Landscaping 

Keep Your Lawn Eye Candy Sweet, Your Hammock Support Happy & Bugs at a Healthy Distance

What We’re Seeing

Since we didn’t have a hard freeze over the winter, we’re continuing to see increased insect activity– Which could be troublesome to your trees and shrubs.

These hungry, hungry Ginista Caterpillars will eat through Texas Mountain Laurel leaves in a hurry.
Who wants our favorite smelling tree to be left as a few bare branches all summer long?
Black spots on rose bushes are really common right now.
Starting at the bottom of the plant, this disease will work its way up and cause the leaves to turn yellow, then lose its leaves.

What We’re Doing

For our tree and shrub customers, we’ll evaluate and treat your landscaping for signs of infestation, disease and fungus each time we visit.

What You Can Do

Continue to enjoy your shade and beautiful landscaping by protecting your trees and shrubs from drought with mulch.

Of course, if you’re busy working or vacationing, we can do that for you.

Mulching helps your trees, shrubs and flower beds retain moisture during the summer heat.
Our install can include a mat along the bottom and edging along the sides for protection against weeds and a professional look.

An Epic Outdoor Space 

We’re Making this a Summer to Remember in an Outdoor Space we Love 

Warmer temps have us ready for BBQ, lazy porch lounging and every yard activity we can think up.

What We’re Seeing

Central Texas is heating up… that coupled with waves of rain have provided the perfect conditions for those tiny irritants to spring up. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a massive uptick in mosquito infestations across the area.

Get a free “Knock out” treatment with an In2Care® Mosquito Trap installation.

What We’re Doing

Our mosquito customers are receiving timely inspections from our licensed pros, rap maintenance, and commercial grade treatments (when needed).

We utilize In2Care buckets around town; these traps lure mosquitos in and then allow them to spread the mosquito-repellent compound to all of its breeding sights, combating both adult and larvae!

What You Can Do

Mow frequently and get rid of standing water around your yard.

And, BONUS, We’ve Found Amazing Family DIY Lawn Activities  

7 DIY Outdoor Activities

Time for some outdoor memories! Check out our blog with DIY games for the whole family.

Thanks for trusting us to make your outdoor space somewhere to gather and unwind. Give us a call if you have any questions about making your lawn a place you love: 512-990-2199.