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Welcome, 2022! We’ve got some exciting changes here at Emerald Lawns that we can’t wait to share with ya’ll. In this blog, we’ll chat about the modification in our 8-application fertilization program, our new pest control program, and the amazing benefits of our liquid aeration program.

2022 Fertilization Program

This year, we are incorporating more liquid products in several rounds of our Fertilization program!

There are many benefits of liquid products, including:

  • Guaranteed supply of product availability: Unlike some granular products that are experiencing significant supply chain issues.
  • Cost control: While all fertilizers have had price increases due to supply chain shortages and labor costs, liquid products have not increased at the same rate.
  • Uniform coverage: With our highly calibrated spray nozzles and pumps, liquid applications deliver more uniform lawn coverage.
  • Field Tested: We have been introducing more products over the past two years and have rigorously tested all the products on our own lawns and test properties. All liquid products provide the same or better results than their granular counterparts.
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We will continue to follow our same 8-application fertilization program, which you can learn more about by clicking the button below.

NEW Home Pest Control

We are now offering pest control! With this service, you can be free of pests inside your home and out. Our pest control includes 6 applications bi-monthly, offering guaranteed year-round security.

Here the top pests we will keep away from your home:

Here’s what we’ll do to protect your home and yard:

  • We start by inspecting your home and plugging all holes
  • Eliminate all wasp nests, spider webs, and other pest shelters
  • Spray in all the nooks and crannies, including your porch, foundations, and entryways
  • Apply an 8 ft. granular protection barrier surrounding your landscaping, flowerbeds, and turf
  • We also provide an initial treatment inside your home for a small additional fee!
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Upgrade your protection and get rid of rats and mice with our rat control! We will set traps outside and/or in your attic* that we will change and monitor every time we visit. Plus, we’ll be responsible for rodent disposal as necessary!

*Additional fee for attic trapping

Rat Control
Flea and Tick Control

Help your pets live itch-free when you add our flea and tick control! We’ll apply our interior flea and tick treatment as needed accompanied by our year-round outdoor flea and tick applications. We also recommend ongoing flea and tick care for your pets, such as dips and collars, to make sure these pests stay away from your furry friends.

Emerald Lawns Liquid Aeration Program

Our new liquid aeration program provides two applications per year during the spring and fall. This process creates tiny, deep pathways throughout your yard that allows oxygen, moisture, and nutrients to enter deep into the soil.

Here are the benefits of liquid aeration:

  • Your turf roots system will grow deeper and broader
  • Each application picks up where the last one left off, creating a compounding effect
  • No more broken sprinkler heads
  • Loosens compact soil
  • Creates healthier turf that repels weeds
  • See results in as little as 10 days
Lawn Aeration

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