Favorite Austin-area Grass Types

Summer keeps bringing us exciting topics.  In just the past month we’ve covered such a huge range of topics.  Fire-ant handling all the way to how to collect free moisture meters from the city of Austin.  Today, we’re straying from our usual advice and info column and getting a little bit more interactive with our awesome customers.

We recently posted a question on the official Emerald Lawns Facebook page.  “What is your favorite type of grass for your lawn?”  There were some classic types of grasses that showed up, as expected.  There were also a few funny surprises.  Here’s how our clients in Austin, Buda, Kyle and Manor, Texas answered, followed by the number of people that chose that answer (indicated with an X.)

St. Augustine X4

Bermuda X1

Tiff 419 X1

Compadre Zoysia X1

Indica X1

Astroturf X1

Green X2

Johnson X1

Hay X1

Looks like St. Augustine wins!

Did you have the chance to comment?  If not, what would your choice be?  Honestly, we’re always partial to the popular St. Augustine but there are some other excellent choices above.  There are so many different pros and cons of different grasses that it’s not a surprise that one grass can never truly reign supreme.  It’s definitely a subjective opinion as you have to look at the shade provided on your lawn, the specific weather in your area and more.  Research is key when you are deciding what type of grass will fit your turf and also your personal style choices.

If you’re not sure which type of grass is going to be perfect for your lawn, just ask us!  We’re always happy to consult with our customers to make sure they are as proud of the work we end up doing as we are.  They don’t call us Emerald Lawns for nothing!  Fill out our easy-to-complete request form so we can help out your lawn right away!

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