Fire ants

Fire ants are not native to Central Texas and are often referred to as “imported”, or Red Imported Fire Ants. Any given fire ant colony may have several queens, which are fed and protected by the workers. Fire ant queens can fly and often relocate a nest by flying to a new spot and beginning to lay eggs. Fire ants bite aggressively when their nest is disturbed and bites can be extremely painful. Emerald Lawn Service offers effective treatment for fire ants that lasts for up to one year with just one application.

Chinch bugs

Adult chinch bugs have slate-black bodies with silvery wings that cover most of their back. The color pattern on the wings and the overlap across the back, gives them an hourglass or crossed-arms pattern. When a lawn is infested with chinch bugs, damage appears as orange, dead blades of grass, beginning in the hottest, driest areas. A lawn that has gone through drought stress is much more susceptible to a chinch bug infestation. Just 4-6 grubs in a square foot can cause you problems. We do a grub preventative to make sure your lawn doesn’t get them at all.

White grubs

White grubs, or grub worms, are the larval stage of June bugs. These bugs live beneath the turf and can cause severe damage to the root system of grass and some shrubbery. Though grubs are native to Texas and most lawns contain some presence of white grubs, an abundance in any particular area can cause massive damage that first appears as drought stress, and can destroy an entire lawn. White grubs have a white colored body with a reddish-brown head and can typically be found during the early summer beneath the soil surface.