Poa Annua Lawn Weeds

Poa Annua

This is one of the most common grassy weeds that we see here in central Texas and it usually first appears during late winter into early spring. It seeds itself almost non stop and one plant can put thousands of seeds across your lawn by your pets or lawnmower. Like all other grassy weeds, if you have Bermuda or Zoysia this weed can be controlled before and after it has germinated. St. Augustine can’t handle grassy weed controls so it must be handled with pre-emergent weed controls.


This is easily one of the most hated weeds in our area and throughout most of the US. Due to how many seeds each plant holds and how long they can stay dormant in the soil, it can pop up in even the best cared for lawns. This is an annual grass that will pop up in spring and last throughout the summer until it dies in the winter. Since the seeds have to have light to germinate the best defense is getting your lawn as thick as possible combined with pre-emergent weed controls.


This weed isn’t actually a grassy weed but we include it here because it is commonly mistaken for a grassy weed. It is perennial and often pops up in bunches throughout a lawn especially in very moist soils. It actually is very tricky weed since it will seed itself when it is pulled from the ground so you pull one weed and will usually have 3 more pop up in its place. It takes a special kind of treatment and how effective the weed control is against them depends on the size of the plant.

Dalligrass Weed


Dallisgrass is one of the most difficult to control weeds. Multiple herbicide applications over a two-year period are required to get rid of dallisgrass. The longer you have it, the more difficult it is to control. Dallisgrass is coarse in texture and clumps together. It spreads from short, thick rhizomes and seeds. Dallisgrass is easily identifiable and we suggest you contact us to get rid of this pesky grassy weed.