Henbit Before Week Control


This is a broad-leaf weed that will bloom in early springtime and is probably one of the most plentiful weeds in Central Texas. It has rounded leaves with notched edges that grow every inch or so on a square stem. The stems are pretty weak so the taller the plant gets the more it tends to lean over. The flower is a purple color that blooms at teh very top of the plant. Left unchecked it can easily takeover large areas of your lawn. It is best to get a pre-emergent down in winter but it can be controlled with our broad-leaf weed controls.


This is one of the most easily recognized broad-leaf weeds in Central Texas thanks to its seed head. Most people remember blowing on the little balls of white fluff as a kid. It’s for this reason that even with the best lawns you will sometimes see dandelions popping up since it’s seeds get blown everywhere. The leaves of the dandelion grow close to the grown in a star pattern and it has a yellow flower when in bloom. They are usually seen in spring to early summer and can be controlled with our broad-leaf weed controls.

Thistle Before Weed Control


This can be a very obnoxious weed to deal with in your lawn due to its rapid growth rate and how tall it can get. If left unchecked it can reach heights of several feet and grow as wide as a foot. When the plant is still young it can resemble a dandelion but the leaves have long spines on the tips and very sharp jagged edges that are hairy. It puts out the leaves every inch or so along a very thick stem and will bloom with a purple flower. How effective weed control is against them depends on the size of the plant.

Spurs Before Weed Control


These dried-spiky seed heads of a grassy weed are found in the lower half of the United States. It’s an annual and dies down each year. Seeds lie in wait. The best controls are to hand-pull them before they bloom or applying a pre-emergent pesticide. The time for treating these weeds is when the plant is very small because it’s easier to manage.