Emerald Lawns Core Aeration Service

We believe you should aerate your lawn twice a year when possible and when you aerate is not as important as how often. Typically we recommend to have this service completed once in the sping and again in the fall for best results.  We do not recommend this service in the winter or summer months when temperatures are below 40 or above 90 degrees.

What is a Lawn Core Aeration?

A Lawn Core aeration is a particular type of aeration service in which a lawn aerator removes plugs of soil and thatch from the lawn. This process makes room for air, water and soil to penetrate the lawn. Core aeration creates holes of a certain diameter – about ½ to ¾ of an inch. This distance allows air, water and nutrients to have enough space to get down deep into your lawn where they’re needed most.

Why perform a Core Aeration?

Usually, an aeration is performed when there’s soil compaction. Soil gets compacted when there’s too much solid matter in a certain volume or space. That leaves no room for air, water or nutrients to get into the soil. Aeration is best done during the growing seasons, but, as we said before, we will be happy to do an aeration at other times of the year because they’re so beneficial for the lawn.

Here are a few reasons to aerate your lawn

  • If your lawn gets a lot of use. Children and pets running around the lawn can contribute to soil compaction. Any foot or animal traffic can lend itself to soil compaction and lawns in Central Texas typically have a lot of clay in the soil which gets easily compacted from both too much or no use at all.
  • The lawn is part of a newly constructed home. Topsoil in newly constructed homes is usually stripped or buried. The grass established on the subsoil gets compacted by construction traffic.
  • Your lawn dries out easily and has a spongy feel to it. This could mean you have an excessive thatch problem. To find out, take a shovel and remove a slice of soil about four inches deep. If the thatch layer is greater than half an inch, we recommend that you aerate your lawn.
  • The lawn was established by sod and you have soil layering. Soil layering occurs when soil of finer texture, the kind that comes with imported sod, gets layered over heavier, coarser soil. This layering will disrupt drainage. Water is held in the finer-textured soil and doesn’t penetrate to the coarser layers. This leads to compacted conditions and poor root development. Aeration will break up the layering and allow water to flow through the soil more easily and reach the roots.

Our Process

Emerald Lawns will contact you in advance of your aeration treatment so that you can water the lawn so it’s wet enough for aeration. Our power aerators are efficient and quick. We suggest that you mark your irrigation system if you have one so we don’t aerate in those areas which could puncture a hole in the irrigation system. We do not aerate the strip of grass between the lawn and the street. This is to protect you from costly repairs. There’s just no way to mark that sprinkler system. If we were to puncture it, it would be very expensive to fix.

We will leave the plugs of soil that the aerator digs up on your soil. This is good, organic matter that nourishes your lawn. You can rake them into it or just mow them in the next time you mow. These plugs have vital nutrients that your lawn needs.

So, you see, Emerald Lawns takes care of your lawn with a core aeration. Our aeration services are second to none. To set one up, give us a call at 512-990-2199. We look forward to hearing from you.