Drought Recovery on Your Lawn Starts Now!

Drought Recovery Lawn Care Fertilization

Revive Your Lawn with Topdressing & Aeration!

Liquid Aeration Lawn Care with Topdressing Coupon
Drought has dried up microbial activity in your soil. Infuse microorganisms back into place with Emerald Lawns organic topsoil mix:
  • Cotton Burr compost restores your turf with a nutrient-dense source of nitrogen, as well as microbes that will loosen compacted clay soil

  • Pine Shavings help the soil retain moisture & boost the flow of air, water, and other nutrients in the spaces it creates

  • Rice Hulls help with water retention & aeration while adding organic matter to the soil

Topdressing and Aeration for Lawn Care

Add Fall Fertilization to Overcome Drought Stress

Fall Lawn Care Recovery Coupon

Depleted lawns and hardened soil need lots of extra nutrients just to stay alive. Our custom blended fertilizer will breathe some new life into stressed turf.

  • To reduce drought stress, we apply humic acid & cold-water sea kelp

  • To begin bringing back a healthy green color, we apply slow-release GreenCharge Liquid Nitrogen

  • For a burst of nutrients, we’ll aid soil with additional iron, sulfur, magnesium, manganese, and copper

“Our technician spent a lot of time with me as I asked all of my questions…he was super patient, knowledgeable, and personable.”

Aaron from San Antonio

“I wanted to let y’all know that the big brown swath of grass in the backyard has miraculously recovered after fertilizing treatment!”

Pamela from Austin