Topdressing Lawn Care

Emerald Lawns’ Topdressing: Specially Made for Your Little Piece of Texas

Texas is temperamental: we’ve got flaming hot summers, ravaging pests, and an unforgiving environment for natural growth. We recognized the need for an application for your lawn that prepares for & resolves these challenges: topdressing. Our specially-formulated compost does wonders in your yard for results you can see, feel, and thankfully not smell (no stinky manure!).

What’s it Made of?

Traditionally, topdressing is a mix of dirt and other materials that are used to amend various problems in your lawn, like leveling uneven areas or correcting soil composition to help your yard flourish.

Here’s what makes our compost special: it’s been cooked up by our professionals with their vast knowledge of Texas and lawn care. That’s what makes it the ultimate recipe for combating Texas-sized challenges. This powerful mix has a clean ingredient list:

  • Cotton Burr
  • Pine Shavings
  • Pine Dust
  • Rice Hulls

These ingredients replenish what might have been lost from the summer drought of ’22!

The Magic

Texas soil is notoriously poor, made up of clay and caliche, making it hard to nurture healthy, thick growth.

Topdressing overcomes the hurdles of Texas soil and provides numerous benefits:

  • Incorporate organic matter that breaks down compact soil for better air and water distribution
  • Increase microbial activity in your lawn and encourage a healthier environment
  • Add nutrients back into your lawn that might’ve been lost during last year’s drought
  • Invigorate deeper, denser root growth
  • Maximize water intake and the roots’ consumption efficiency
  • Intensify grass growth & density

We use a machine called a topdresser to manually spread an even layer of compost across your yard!

Learn more about our topdressing mixture from topdressing expert, Sergio Torres!

Emerald Recommends

Here are some things you can do and expect from a topdressing application:

  • We apply our topdressing twice a year, once during Jan-May and another application in Sep-Dec
  • Prep your lawn by simply ensuring the grass isn’t overgrown, possibly lowering your mower a notch to allow the application to reach the roots easier
  • After a topdressing treatment, water your lawn to encourage the nutrients to enter the soil between the grass
  • Mow after as well to break down the pine shavings even more to feed your lawn
  • Get the most out of this service by combining it with our Liquid Aeration service, a process that created millions of tiny holes using a liquid solution to relieve soil compaction!
  • Encourage best results by practicing good lawn care habits and following seasonal watering & mowing recommendations for your turf type
  • Apply topdressing at least once a year to drastically change the outcome of your lawn’s strength and vibrance

Encourage healthier, hardier turf that’ll fight against weeds, disease, pests, & drought!

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