This week we show gratitude to our nation on her Birthday. We, at Emerald Lawns would like to celebrate by showing you some gratitude our customers have shown us. We love hearing how we’ve helped our customers have the lawn of their dreams. We hope you enjoy these stories and customer kudos as much as we do. We so appreciate anyone who gives us their thanks because we are so grateful to do what we do and when we know the results are great, we are happy. Thank you to all of our customers. Happy Independence Day, America!

Story #1 – Bob

Hi Luke,

I became a customer of Emerald Lawns a year ago last August. I moved here from New York and I found the type of grass here to be very different from what I was used to. I did some homework to educate myself about Bermuda Grass, bought a real mower and agreed to a treatment when Bobby came to my door. Having lawn service was not new to me since I have always had this back home. The new part was how to grow and cut Bermuda Grass. I have done all the recommended treatments including aeration, grub prevention, top dressing, tree and shrub fertilization. I have to say that I am pretty pleased with the results. My neighbors cannot get over how good my yard looks and one has even signed up as a new customer. My feelings are why would you go to the work and expense of landscape and then not take care to protect them. Both the gentlemen who have treated my lawn and plants are good employees. They are friendly and helpful answering my questions. The ladies in the office are nice as well.

I thought you might like to see the results our efforts. (Note: The ‘results’ are in the image on this page).

Thank you.

Story #2 – Roger

Lisa and I had Emerald Lawns aerate our lawn just a few weeks ago. They also applied some of Luke Hawthorne’s magical Top Soil. Wow, the results are amazing … Thanks Mary and Luke, for starting such an amazing company.

Story #3 – Jonathan

I initially signed up with Emerald Lawns last year when they were running a Groupon special for a cheap aeration. They came out when scheduled (only about a 1-week lead time, which was great).

I had recently purchased my first home a few weeks prior and was anxious to get the yard into a condition which I could be proud of. The first time they came out for a treatment (after the aeration) there was a noticeable reduction in weeds and some definite increased greenness to the lawn.

A couple of weeks after the initial service they even came back out on their own — free of charge — to treat any weeds that had survived the first go-round.

I continued to use Emerald Lawns for the rest of 2013 on their normal ~ 6-week cadence. It is reasonably priced, and after having only owned this home for about 9-months now (6 of those months w/ care by Emerald Lawns) I am really excited to see what kind of results we can get this year.

My lawn is looking 100% better than it did when I moved in, and I think with the early start this year we’re going to have some great results together!

Story #4 – Amber

We hired Emerald Lawns almost exactly 1 year ago. We weren’t completely sure if we had made a good decision until spring this year. Our front and back lawns were in total disarray. We didn’t really notice the difference until everything started to bloom. Sometimes you just have to be a little patient, and I’m glad we were. Bobby and the gang, along with sales rep Jennifer, have done a fantastic job with our yard. Even though we weren’t as diligent about watering as they told us to be. We are COMPLETELY satisfied and happy with the job they have done and will continue to use them.

As you can see, we have some very satisfied customers. We appreciate them as much as they appreciate us if not more so. Emerald Lawns aims to please and we hope that you will consider calling us for your lawn care needs if you don’t use us already. If you do, thank you, too.