Hey, Austin community! Spring has sprung, and it’s time to uncover the latest happenings from our very own Cain Cooper, Austin’s branch manager. Join us in this month’s Boots on the Ground blog as we delve into expert tips and firsthand observations aimed at nurturing your yard into a lush paradise and keeping your home free from pesky pests. Let’s dig in and embrace the beauty of this blooming season together!


We’re enjoying a typical season with steady turf growth and thankfully, no significant freezes. But our main challenge this spring? Weeds! To maintain a healthy, weed-free lawn, regular mowing is key. Mowing not only promotes grass growth but also encourages weed growth, which is advantageous because actively growing weeds can effectively absorb the chemicals we use for control.

Additionally, fostering robust, dense turf helps suffocate weeds. Rest assured, even though weeds may seem to vanish after mowing, we’ll still pinpoint and treat them to ensure your lawn stays pristine. So, there’s no need to wait for your next treatment to mow!


Trees & shrubs are thriving this season! With no freezes this year, we’re seeing robust growth and great blooms. However, pleasant weather also invites insect invasions, so expect higher populations this spring.

Some cases of leaf spot are emerging due to all the rains we’ve been experiencing.

Be careful of overwatering your landscape! Keep watering minimal as we continue to see inconsistent temps and bouts of rain. Once the weather reaches a steady place between the mid-80s and low 90s, return to a regular watering schedule of twice a week.

Feel free to give your plants an early trim but keep it less than 1/3 of the growth. For pruning tips, check out our guide!


While there has been mild pest activity so far, we’re expecting an increase due to spring moisture.

What does pest activity look like in your area?

  • Cockroaches: Mild
  • Rodents: Moderate
  • Wasps & Hornets: Mild
  • Spiders: Mild
  • Mosquitoes: Moderate
  • Fleas & Ticks: Mild

We are seeing a good bit of fire ant activity due to the rain softening the ground, mostly near places where heat radiates like concrete or hardscapes.

Good news – we’re approaching the end of crane fly season!

How to keep pests out and away from your home? Keep wood piles away from structures, remove debris from the yard, and pour out any stagnant bodies of water that could be used as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

As always, we’re on standby for any gross and creepy problems you might face. Our pest program reaches all the nooks and crannies, establishing a protective barrier around your home for pest-free peace of mind.

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