In warmer weather, mosquitoes invade yards all over Central Texas.

We know how hard it can be to find the information you need to make the best decision for your family, so we have taken care of the research for you!

Check out this chart that compares many of the mosquito control options available to you.

Pros and cons of mosquito solutions


At Emerald Lawns, we have weighed all of the pros and cons of various mosquito control options in terms of cost, effectiveness and the environment.

Some options have expensive set-up costs, are detrimental to the environment or just aren’t effective enough, so we have developed a “One-Two Punch” to guarantee results while doing our part to care for the planet.

1. We Lure Mosquitoes into our Trap

In2Care is a pet-friendly canister that combines research and design to combat the insecticide-resistant Aedes mosquitoes.

We are one of the few carriers in the country of this unique, scientifically-proven and most eco-friendly option.

See how it works:

2. When Necessary, We’ll Apply Repellent

If a customer desires a quick “knockdown” treatment for a special event or doesn’t want to wait for the In2Care trap to take effect (2-4 weeks), we’ll happily apply our professional grade mosquito application.  

*Organic application options are available.
**We never spray where pollinators are present.


To learn more about our One-Two Punch, click here. Or, call 512.990.2199 for an expert to come examine your outdoor space to get you a free, no-obligation estimate.

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