Another harsh Central Texas winter has struck again, leaving your trees & shrubs in need of repair! Any time you have seasonal stresses, it sends your plants into a panic state, making them reproduce new growth at a faster rate. This attracts more insects and creates deficiencies because of offset growth. On top of this, the late freeze we had stunted some of the growth while killing off new growth and buds!

Here’s how we combat these challenges and encourage landscape recovery:

  • Our root-zone feeding incorporates a mixture of phosphates and potassium which aid in the healing process
  • Our Insect & Disease Control adds micronutrients that help protect and invigorate new, healthy growth and structure. It’s designed to help out with these types of seasonal-specific issues

Here’s what you can do to encourage tree & shrub healing:

  • Apply pruning spray in any open cracks or damaged areas from the freeze on trunks and branches
  • If any branches still don’t have any new growth, try and cut into the branches in stages slowly to stimulate new growth over the next few months
  • Trim branches that are more than half broken down to the collar of the branch
  • Cutting flush with the tree could cause more stress, so leave the collar where it’s rough and bulging out from the tree before it gets to the trunk
  • Only prune 1/3 of your shrub’s size at a time to avoid causing any additional shock

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