Emerald Lawns wants to improve the quality of our lives and the quality of our environment.

We want grass to grow thicker, greener, and healthier.

When grass gets stronger, you get the following benefits to your home:

1. Cooling

In a block of eight average houses, all front lawns together have the cooling effect of about 70 tons of air conditioning. That’s enough to cool 16 average homes. And on a hot summer day, grass can be about 10 to 14 degrees cooler than exposed soil and as much as 30 degrees cooler than concrete or asphalt.

2. Air quality

A well -maintained grass area (of about 50 feet by 50 feet) will create enough oxygen to meet the daily needs of a four-person family. Lawns act like a gigantic sponge. They absorb all types of airborne pollutants, such as dust and carbon dioxide, as well as noise. Less weeds means less weed pollen. That’s a relief to people who suffer from allergies.

3. Water quality

Studies show healthy lawns absorb rain 4 to 6 times more effectively than farm fields. (Only virgin forests do this better.)

Lawns return rain’s moisture to the water table. That way, everyone else can reuse the water.

One Pennsylvania State University study showed thick lawns slow the velocity of water run-off. Thick, high-quality lawns are better at allowing water to absorb—15 times better than patchy lawns with many weeds.

4. Soil quality and lawn appearance

A healthy lawn prevents soil erosion by water or wind. A healthy lawn also keeps mud and dust out of your house. (If you’ve ever moved into a new home before it was sodded, you’ll know what we mean!)

A beautiful lawn simply adds beauty and relaxation to your life.

5. Home value

Appraisers estimate that a well-landscaped and maintained lawn raises your home value by 7 percent. And a recent Gallup survey concluded that a nicely landscaped home can boost your selling price by 15 percent.

Source: Lawn and Turfgrass Facts & Stats, TheLawnInstitute.org