Hello, Dallas neighbors! As you tackle the wide array of Texas-sized challenges, from stubborn compaction to relentless weed invasions, we’re here to provide your monthly update! Here’s what our boots on the ground have observed, straight from our Dallas branch manager, Matt Borden.


Amidst the prolonged drought conditions of recent years, your yard has suffered significant shrinkage. This soil compaction has stunted root growth, leaving your turf vulnerable to diseases and pests. To counteract these compacted conditions, we advocate for liquid aeration. This innovative solution is meticulously sprayed across every square inch of your yard, generating millions of tiny pathways in the soil. These pathways allow crucial elements like air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the roots, fostering a flourishing environment. The outcome? Thick, vibrant turf above and contented roots below. Bonus: Say goodbye to broken sprinkler heads that would usually result from core aeration.

How do we fight back the weeds? Our best-in-the-business pre-emergent creates a barrier, fending off invasions for a weed-free lawn. The best part is that our applications last 3x longer than store-bought products!

Treated weeds should be mowed, which will clean up the asthetic and jumpstart growth.

We’re seeing lawns green up, like the one pictured below!  Our specialized blend addresses soil conditions like high pH levels, creating the ultimate environment for new growth. We’ve been honing our secret recipe since 2006, taking Texas soil, weather & the season into account at every application.


The plants are thriving lately, thanks to ample rain and lovely weather. However, we’ve noticed a few cases of improper watering and planting techniques that may be causing issues. Here’s an example of an established tree that was planted too deeply.

Don’t worry, though – we’re here to lend a hand and offer our expertise. Check out our planting guide for all the best planting tips from our pros.

With all the rain we’ve been seeing, ease into your watering minimally until we reach consistent temps in the mid-80s to low-90s. At that point, it’s okay to return to a regular schedule of twice a week.

Give your trees and shrubs the boost into spring they need with root-zone fertilization. This specialized treatment goes beyond surface care, delving deep into the root system to replenish vital nutrients and bio-stimulants essential for robust growth. By nourishing the root zone directly, we provide your plants with the optimal conditions they crave to thrive and flourish throughout the season.


Wondering what pest activity is like in your area?

  • Cockroaches: Minimal
  • Rodents: Mild
  • Wasps & Hornets: Minimal
  • Spiders: Mild
  • Mosquitoes: Mild
  • Fleas & Ticks: Minimal

Our team is beginning to see some spiders pop up in the area, but pests activity hasn’t picked up considerably yet.

For any unexpected guests seeking refuge indoors from inclement weather, we highly recommend our interior sprays.

Our comprehensive outdoor pest control applications establish a protective barrier in the lawn (8′ deep) and on the exterior of the home (3′ up the siding), effectively warding off those unwanted creepy crawlies.

When providing care for one of our customers, we came across this rodent trap in a neighboring lawn. Unfortunately, the current setup will not be protecting their home, as the device should be up against the wall for efficacy and weighed down to protect pets from the bait within the trap.


With our expertise and tailored solutions, we’ve got you covered inside and out, ensuring properly secured mosquito & rodent traps – giving you a pest-free environment for your peace of mind.

We’ll see you on your lawn really soon!

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