Common Weed Myth: Debunked

Many customers hesitate to mow their grass when weeds are present for fear of spreading them across their Central Texas lawn. 

Some folks have heard that pulling all weeds by hand is the way to go. Unfortunately, there’s usually no way to know if you’ve actually gotten all of the roots. Those fragments of roots can continue to resprout.

  • Annual weeds like crabgrass and chickweed complete their life cycle in a single growing season, so pulling them is less of a “risk” or “waste of time”.
  • Perennials live for two or more years, so they have extensive root systems. So, if perennials are allowed to grow large enough to pull, removing the entire root by hand may be impossible.

So, the general rule of thumb that we follow is…to mow those towering thistles down.

Mowing can actually help eradicate them from your lawn for many reasons:

  • Cutting weeds damages the plant
  • Early mowing keeps the weed from flowering
  • Cutting the weeds exposes the plant closer to the roots for treatment
  • Frequent mowing improves the health of your grass, choking out the weed

Want to learn more about weeds in Central Texas? Check out this comprehensive guide.

If you get 6 or more treatments per year with us, you qualify for unlimited free spot treatments of weeds, so let us know if we should schedule a visit for you.

We Can Help You Achieve a Weed Free Lawn!

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