Texas weather does it again…

Two mild winters in a row means MORE WEEDS.

Hey Friends, Luke and Mary here!
With this crazy weather, we wanted to give you a Central Texas lawn update.

Here’s What We’re Seeing

When lawns are mostly dormant, there is less competition for nutrients and, unfortunately, weeds appreciate that! Usually, we’ll have a few hard freezes each winter…but this second warm winter in a row has exponentially impacted the number of weeds in the area.
Lawn Weeds and Weed Control
These warmer soil temperatures have caused earlier germination so, even if you received a lawn pre-emergent in the fall, a warmer season like this, means invasive weeds will have more of a fighting chance.
Folks with damaged or drought-stressed areas in their lawn will likely see even greater weed penetration.

Here’s What We’re Doing

In February, our lawn fertilization and weed-control customers will be receiving:
  • A revitalizer, chock-full of lawn nutrients to green up your lawn
  • Spot-treatments for any and all WEEDS so we don’t blanket your lawn with herbicide
  • Monitoring for grubs…given the mild winter we anticipate a spike in these destructive pests
  • Keeping an eye on any fall brown patch scars as they heal up with new growth

Emerald Lawns Lawn Care Truck

What You Can Do

In addition to Emerald’s calculated fertilization and ongoing weed maintenance, here are a few other ways to ensure a healthy, green lawn:
Mowing – It’s about time for that first cut of spring! A good low mow should do wonders. In this photo, you can really see how the grass is ready to wake up (note what it looks like on the left after being cut).
Lawn Requiring Lawn Care Services
And, contrary to popular belief, mowing will damage weeds more than it will spread them. Improving the health of your grass helps choke out weeds. If you’d like to go a step further, bagging lawn clippings could also help reduce the spread of weed seeds to your soil. And, here are the proper mow heights for your lawn, based on your grass type.
Watering – This time of year, utilize the seasonal setting on your irrigation box and set according to average day time high temperatures….50 degrees = 50% = ½ inch of water per week.

As always, we’re happy to help you overcome all of the weather and soil challenges that Central Texas will throw at you! Just click below…