Weeds are a bane to a good lawn.  You spend all this time perfecting your turf and then an annoying little weed pops up to take away precious nutrients away from your grass.  Not only are they unsightly in many cases, they also can end up harming their surroundings.

We’re going to start with the best and most obvious advice that is really the genesis of this lawn issue.

Keep it healthy!

A healthy lawn is going to best compete with weeds.  Essentially what you want to do is outgrown and outsmart the competing weeds.  You can do this pretty simply by ensuring you are following proper watering techniques.  Aeration with some great topsoil will be beneficial as well.  Talk to us about how to keep your lawn healthy!


Walk on over and yank that weed up!  Do your best to pull the root up as well.  You want to nip it in the bud before you see too much growth.  Other practices can involve much more complex activity from you.  Using a winged weeder can help when there are more than just a few weeds.  A garden hoe could do the trick as well!  But what about when you get to the point where you think chemicals might work?


You might want to use chemicals as a last resort to take care of weeds on your turf.  If your weed situation is that bad then reach out to us at Emerald Lawns to let professionals that have been handling situations like this for many, many years to do a tip-top job on your Austin lawn.   As a lawn care company, it’s always a balancing act to make sure the correct balance of natural and chemical care is maintained!  When you go the DIY route, it’s up to you to find a respectful balance yourself if you do end up choosing to use store-bought chemicals.  Always do your research.

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