Last week we took a broad look at some of the ways you can help prevent and control weeds that show up on your turf.  This week, we’d like to go over a few more options that you may want to think about!


When you choose to aerate your lawn, you’re making a smart call in the fight against weeds.  By getting all that healthy oxygen flowing into your turf, you’re going to encourage healthy growth.  If you recall from last week’s blog, a healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds.

What aeration method is the most effective?  Take it from us, you’ll want to avoid those cheap aeration shoes!  Those are silly and some debate their functionality. Instead, hire a local Austin lawn care company like ours or rent an aeration machine from your local hardware store.  If you go DIY with the aeration machine, be safe and read the instructions very carefully.  You’re on your way to a healthier lawn already!

Insects and animals

This interesting list on weed control methods questions if people should be using certain insects or animals to control their weed problem.  The conclusion is that this method isn’t usually beneficial to the average homeowner as insects and animals have issues with everyday residential disturbance and they need a long-term plan to take care of weeds.  Perhaps farm owners can have success with these methods but your average home in Central Texas might not.

Yes, geese might much on some of your weeds but, as the link above hints at, you need to babysit them while they do so they don’t run into harm!

Reach out

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