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We have changed up our program and we are excited to share what this means! We’ve included some products from the Greene County Fertilizer company and in this blog, we will discuss the various products we are using and the benefits of these products. All content in this piece was retrieved from our recent Live with Luke video: check it out below!

Q1. What are the benefits of the greenePOP product used in our program?

The greenePOP fertilizer product has been tested through various trials and works efficiently to greatly improve your lawn. Better color, thicker growth, and an improved canopy are just some of the results seen! This provides an extremely helpful asset, especially now, as lawns are recovering from the winter damage.

Q2. What are the benefits of lawn liquid aeration versus core aeration? And why is liquid aeration a better solution?

A huge benefit of liquid aeration is that it will not break your sprinkler heads! The soil in the Texas areas contains high amounts of lime and high pH, but our liquid aeration can increase drainage and water holding capacity in the soil. This means that whenever you water, all that moisture will make it deep within the soil and remain there to be available for plants. The results of this are a less stressed lawn, better rooting, and overall better aeration of the soil. This is because the more plant life you place underground, the better off your plants will be! Liquid aeration covers 100% of the area while core aeration pulls cores that are 2 to 3 inches apart. Another benefit of liquid aeration for your lawn is that it doesn’t damage your preemergent applications like core aeration does. With core aeration, you get fewer benefits and it leaves a mess from all the plugs pulled from the ground!

Q3. How does liquid aeration work and allow roots to go deeper and broader?

To answer this, let’s check out some facts from a mathematical point of view. When the liquid aeration is applied to the soil, there is roughly a 5% reduction in surface tension within the first 28 days. The surface tension is what will keep water from getting down to the soil, so the product causes a reduction in this surface tension. Throughout testing, there was a 44% increase in root mass over 5 months. In comparison, there was only a 3% increase in root mass when nothing was applied.

Q4. What’s in the greenePOP and what are the results?

The greenePOP product we are now using is mainly composed of an RGS, fulvic, sea kelp, high amounts of phosphorus, and a bit of Air-8. The phosphorus will help push the roots down into the soil. The greenePOP will help lawns out of recovery and protect your yard from the freeze damage effects or damages caused by grubs!

Q5. How do liquid aeration and topdressing go together?

You want to apply some kind of aeration with topdressing because the compost will then be able to travel down into the soil and root zone faster. This will help those nutrients get into the soil and work more efficiently!

Q6. What is D-thatch? And what are the benefits?

The D-thatch product we use is also from the Greene County Fertilizer company and contains live cultures, digestive enzymes, and sugars to name a few ingredients in this product that will make a huge difference in your yard. The live cultures contribute to some of the soil biologies and the digestive enzyme helps break down the dead matter that builds up. The other ingredients also aid in boosting soil microbial activity. The summertime is the peak action point with microbes and soil life because of the increased pace when temperatures rise. We give the necessary energy source to be able to eliminate things that could be withholding nutrients and water. Also, you get a bonus of greater rooting!

Q7. Does D-thatch aid in any kind of disease prevention?

Yes! We will include this product within our mix during the summertime. When lawns get mowed frequently or too tall, there is a layer of buildup. This layer can attract insects such as Bermuda mites and grubs that live under the buildup and also invite diseases. We can use this tool to eliminate these challenges and help your lawn back to health!

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