Protecting Here & There: An Update from Brazil

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Over the past year, we’ve partnered with In2Care, our mosquito trap supplier, to protect a community of individuals with neurological or other disabilities in Brazil, Lar Maria de Lourdes. We’ve got an exciting update to share straight from the community; learn about our work and how it’s impacted the lives of the residents & caretakers of the institution!

The Community

Located in Taquara, Jacarepaguá in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Lar Maria de Lourdes is home to roughly 39 children, adolescents, & adults with some type of neurological disorder or other disorder.

  • Their mission is to deliver the residents their guaranteed rights whilst caring for & respecting their limitations
  • Experienced caretakers express love & affection toward each resident
  • The institution has been the only home to most of the residents with only a few having family members
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What We Protect Against

  • Dengue is one of the many viruses that is spread through the bite of the female Aedes mosquito
  • It’s common in over 100 countries; 40% of the world’s population inhabits areas that have a risk of dengue
  • The virus infects up to 400 million people each year and is the prominent cause of illness in at-risk areas
  • According to the CDC, roughly 100,000,000 people get sick with dengue & 22,000 die from severe cases (CDC, 2019)
  • The Aedes mosquito is a threat here in Texas, but even more so in South America.

Our Mission

  • In 2021, we committed 2 years of protection for Lar Maria de Lourdes with In2Care
  • We saw a need and initiated a solution to protect against dangerous diseases, such as Dengue, that mosquitoes spread prevalently in South America
Mosquito Control Lar Maria
Mosquito Control Traps
  • In2Care’s traps provide superior protection against mosquitoes that are pet, kid, & eco-friendly
  • Their solution removes disease-carrying mosquitoes using real science
  • With the purchase of our mosquito traps, you protect your home & Lar Maria de Lourdes!

The Update

We’ve recently heard from Lar Maria de Lourdes, and they’ve shared uplifting news! These are the highlights from the community:

  • There has been a significant decrease in daytime mosquito activity, it’s now barely noticeable
  • Residents can enjoy leisure time outside worry-free
  • There have been no reports of Dengue or other mosquito-transmitted diseases at the institution
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Lar Maria de Lourdes is pleased that our traps offer them protection and peace of mind for the residents’ & caretakers’ health!

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