One of our favorite things about Austin is how dog friendly it is. However, Austin homeowners with lawns and pets face the dilemma of keeping their lawns weed-free and lush while ensuring pets stay out of harm’s way from herbicides that could be toxic to them. Herbicides can penetrate skin or be inhaled while dogs and other pets like to run and eat grass. When choosing a lawn care specialist, make sure the products that they use are pet friendly.

Pet-friendly Products

Pet parents, the fertilizer that keeps our plants healthy and green can wreak havoc on the digestive tracts of our furry friends. Emerald Lawns uses high quality granular products not only because they yield fantastic results, but also because they are as child and pet friendly as possible. Since the particles are large, Austin homeowners and pets are less likely to ingest it and it’s an effective way to eliminate pests because the poison drops through the foliage to the ground below where the insects are.

Tip: It’s advised to keep animals off a newly treated lawn until the herbicide has been washed off the grass and soaked into the soil with enough water.

Common Groups of Lawn Pesticides

Organophosphates compounds include some of the most toxic chemicals used in agriculture. Poisoning symptoms in animals include excessive salivation, “wet” respiratory sounds (because of increase bronchial secretions), vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, slow heart rate and miosis.

Carbamates cause a similar reaction to organophosphates such as convulsions, dizziness, labored breathing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, unconsciousness, muscle cramps, and excessive salivation.

Phenoxy and benzoic acids cause the following poisoning symptoms: involuntary twitching, loss of sensation, vomiting, stomach pains, diarrhea, weakness, fatigue, dermatitis, and aching muscles.

Tip: Store pesticides in inaccessible areas – and read the manufacture’s label carefully for proper usage and storage.

Do your research

Do your own research to find out what kinds of chemicals your lawn care products contain. The website is a resource provided by Pesticide Action Network of North America, and provides a searchable database of hazard and regulatory information about specific products. Keep an eye out for the skull and crossbones icon, which indicates high toxicity in a given category, such as reproductive and developmental harm.

Contact your Austin lawn care specialists for more information regarding pet friendly lawn care at Emerald Lawns. You can request free lawn analysis at 512-990-2199.